Monday, July 17, 2017

Getting Excess Energy Out

Often times, some of us feel jittery at night and having trouble falling asleep. Maybe we had too much caffeine during the day, didn't let ourselves mediate and clear the cobwebs, maybe you've been wired from going out or partying at the house; it happens. I'm a night owl so sometimes it's a bit more challenging to fall asleep. I tend to do certain to really let that energy out; one I can't mention so i'll keep that to myself, I'll do some bridging which helps at times, some stretching to loosen things up and get blood flowing that's more euphoric but the one thing that does help me sleep when I need it the most is getting out to the dungeon and doing Animal Moves.

Animal movements are so intense that after a bit and you've used up all you have, your body begins to calm down and kick start that forceful deep breathing and putting your emotions and your physical being into a state that feels incredible and it's not overriding the CNS, its the pinnacle of getting energy out that needs to be let go of. If your body is kicked into overdrive running on fumes, emotional conflicts in the mind, you're a little shaky and you have restless leg syndrome it can be a heavy burden trying to sleep because without good solid rest, you can't function at optimum levels.

If you've been out partying and have hit the booze a bit with buds, I wouldn't recommend heavy exercise that could put your body into a state of shock trying to sober up so something like deep breathing, water and some calming music might be a better option; however, if you're restless from having a little too much fun and haven't touched any form of drinking or smoking, something productive like exercise can help get that excess energy out and give your body a chance to lay low afterwards. Taking a cold shower for me helps a lot with excess energy because when all the blood flow is rushing into your system it creates a chain reaction to get that extra adrenaline out. Whenever I do this, I feel so much better and when all that adrenaline wears off I'm out like a light man.

The animals are a great answer to getting that extra juice within out of your system and it's not just for getting you to sleep like a baby but to help be more focused in the day like at school or on a break at your job (as long as you don't sweat so hard your boss thinks you just ran a marathon in the crazy Arizona heat). Energy is a powerful asset but it can be disruptive to yourself and/or others around you if there's too much. One of the greatest Hockey Players in history Jaromir Jagr is known for his crazy conditioning but one of the things he's also known for is having a lot of excess energy so at times after games even when it was way into overtime, he would skate some more or go train and so sprints on the bike, do bodyweight or whatever to get any excess energy out of his system. Make it productive to get rid of any energy that is cooped up that can disrupt things so you can be focused or be able to sleep.

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