Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Advocare FIT Line

What would it feel like to you to DOMINATE in your training and/or workday? The ability to pass through plateaus and develop great energy using a guided system of nutrition can be in your hands. Knock the guesswork right out of the park with the ADVOCARE FIT LINE. A new & awesome innovative line of supplementation that aligns three phases in your training: Pre-Workout, During Training & Post-Workout. You can even take hold of an awesome ready to go protein shake that can be used anytime for a pick me up.

Focus on the most important aspects of your training all the while to support your recovery & boost those big results you're seeking. What does the Fit Line include? Here it is.....

1. Pre-Workout Multi-Nutrient Dietary Supplement: To get you energized and ready for an awesome workout. Take 30-45 min. Before your training.

2. Intra-Workout Electrolyte & Amino Acids Supplement: To help you stay hydrated and give you a boost in the middle of your workout that has the potential to give you energy to blast through plateaus. Also aids recovery.

3. Post-Workout Protein & Herbal Supplement: To help those muscles recover with efficiency. Take within an hour after your hard fought training.

Be able to grab your day by the horns and bring in a new surge of energy that will aid in the results and able to maintain a powerful force that you have been craving. When you order this line personally from me, I will send you some bonus workouts that will really inspire you and just by the names of them can give you that burst of inspiration. They're bodyweight type circuits based on Superheroes of your favorite Marvel & DC Characters that will help you get fit, build lean muscle, burn fat and increase metabolism. Use them how you see fit, adjust them if you feel the need to and go at your own level, its already set up for you, just do the training. If the superheroes I sent you aren't your favorites shoot me a text or email me and I will help you find the Hero Workout FOR YOU!!!

Want to get a discount on this BRAND NEW LINE? Sign up as Preferred Customer and start out at 20%. If you want to sell it and make a PROFIT, become a Distributor and that will also give you a 20% Discount and you can build on it up to a killer 40% off.


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