Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Importance Of Conditioning Using Animal Exercises

If you look in nature, the wild beasts and creatures that are animals in the jungle, the water, swamplands & deserts are in amazing condition; they have strength lasting them long periods of time, some have amazing stamina like the wildcats & primates, others have insanely powerful joints and tendons to stay tough during battles and for survival looking for food. In our society; endurance, strength & conditioning are dramatically specialized and too concentrated on one or the other. I'm here to tell you, too much concentration on one particular thing without bringing the others into play can be more harmful than you realize.

In order to even move in some animal exercises it takes strength. As you progress, you go a little longer and your stamina builds up but even then you still need the strength to hold yourself and be able to move fluidly because if you become sloppy and your strength diminishes, the rest can falter as well. Strength isn't everything yet it is a key attribute but endurance can also be the defining factor and that can determine your level of conditioning. If you're an athlete, you need to be in shape for your sport. Granted in some sports being in shape isn't everything but in most cases if you get tired early in a game/fight you are pretty much useless to the people on your team or against a particular opponent. 

Conditioning is the best asset whether in sports or in life. The beauty of animal exercises, it doesn't utilize just strength or endurance; both are valued and are the essential elements of what makes them superior to many other systems of exercise. They force you to adapt to any direction you're put in; it's not the typical up and down exercises like weights & push-ups and squats. Unlike other bodyweight exercises where you are stationary (staying in one spot of space), they have you move from point A to B, C, D. up, down, left, right, sideways, forwards, backwards, diagonal, horizontal, vertical, front ways, long ways, north, south, east, west you get the picture. When you move your body in all sorts of directions and gain strength from awkward angles, it creates a dynamic point of view where just like in sports, you're going somewhere at some point you never noticed before. 

The importance on conditioning utilizing this ancient style of fitness remains one of the most powerful yet a nearly forgotten aspect of what brings us closer to nature. Animals are by far in greater shape than any of us humans can even dream of. You can be the fastest man alive, the strongest woman, running a marathon like its nothing or go the distance in a wrestling match but none of us will ever have the universal power, speed, stamina, intensity of a wild animal. Emulating them brings us closer to what our DNA gives us the abilities to do amazing things. You can have a great physique yet have amazing functional strength, legs that can go the distance, flexible shoulders, steel-like tendons & have the lungs that would make a marathoner blush all by imitating a wild animal. Become conditioned, fast, coordinated and crazy strong.  

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