Thursday, May 25, 2017

Regardless Of Your Age You Can Do Animal Exercise

From the time we were little, we are taught to use our imagination, reach for the stars and learn to use our brain and body for the adventures lie ahead. As we get older, we drift away from the adventures and start following everyone else; fall off the beaten path, take life way too seriously and suppress our child-like qualities by doing what is told of us, there's no room for imagination only the results someone else wants. We even get so caught up with information that most of the time is completely useless yet it overwhelms us and we become confused, disoriented and downright screwed up.

The funny thing about animal exercise is its ability to bring us closer to nature and closer to what our bodies were meant to do regardless of our age. A 7 year old can do it and play with friends; run around and get that energy out, a man in his 30's can do it to maintain shape, be healthy and stay strong, a man in his 50's can do it to strengthen bones, have strength that would make most men half his age envious, a woman in her 70's can do it to slow down the aging process and have healthy bones and strengthen her brain. It is a powerful form of exercise no matter how old or young you are, its like baseball; it is a form of activity that has been past down from generation to generation and brings others together whether it's for competition or just a friendly outing.

Due to the movements that get you going in all sorts of directions, it helps strengthen muscles that aren't normally used and teaches you how to balance your body no matter what direction you're positioned in. It can make you explosive, enduring, strong from many angles & powers up your tendons. You can start from the very beginning and build a foundation or you'll be able to advance very quickly and reap benefits many never get to achieve. You can go fast, slow, it can can condition your reflexes, calm you down from having excess energy, it increases metabolism, harnesses your Growth Hormone, enhance brain activity which can lead to greater memory and sharpened focus, it can even make you stop within 10 minutes or have you going for more than hour because you get so into it your body just can't get enough. I've had major injuries, tennis elbow, bumped knees, burned skin & even busted my head open all before the age of 21 yet in my near mid 30's I have far less pain, stronger than ever when I was in my teens or even early 20's and kept in awesome shape for my size all due to doing animal exercises.

It has healing properties that can only be described by experiencing it and it can possibly take you out of your funk with depression, hypertension, being lethargic and low testosterone. Many in fitness see it as a warm-up and nothing else; that's all great for them but to take it a step further creates a chain reaction that changes the course of the entire process of being in shape both inside and outside. It changes lives, creates endorphins, teaches self discipline and lengthens the quality of life.

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