Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Going For Distance Using Animal Exercise

Yesterday for Memorial Day, I went into the dungeon to do something a little different than the regular dice game i've been doing for playouts. This game was interesting as it involves some Distance Training but with a little flare. First off from the wall to the end of my mats in the garage is 16ft in length; so going back and forth would be 32 ft. I decided that when I roll for an animal I would go up and come back doing that animal. How many revolutions can you do?

I'm not a fan of running or jogging so I adapt to whatever keeps me interested. In this case; the animals. Now unlike Jogging you won't last very long going for distance straight through unless you're a maniac but for the sake of cardio per-se and throwing in that fat burning idea that animal moves give you; let's see how far you travel or stop to take a breather then keep going. How many yards did you do? What was the distance going up and going back? Do you do it fast or do it slow?

Mixing things up can boost your brain power and overall conditioning however because the animal moves have you going in all different directions; your body is strengthened in ways other methods won't do. Go for distance some time. Yesterday I did 21 revolutions going back and forth of 32 ft. That's a total of 672 ft, divide that by 3 and you get 224 yards. That's quite a stretch of distance for doing animal movements. This is conditioning in another unique way to challenge your body in all sorts of ways. Some people only do 50 yards in the beginning and that's fine; build yourself up.

There's a fine line doing 400 meters sprinting on two feet than it is to do the same length doing the bear crawl; most people can't do it because not only are you using twice as many limbs but you're also challenging your balance and speed. You can go even slower creating a "migrating" Playout where you test your endurance instead of going faster. Try for 500 yards at a slower pace than doing 70 yards at a maximum speed. When you do the jumping animals; do as few jumps as possible because if you do short jumps it's going to be tougher. Here's a playout that will test you in your strength endurance (something I plan on doing one day).....

Bear Crawl 100 Yards

Gorilla Walk 90 Yards

Frog Jump 80 Yards

Tiger Walk 70 Yards

Duck Walk 60 Yards

Alligator Walk 40 Yards

Rabbit Hop 30 Yards

Crab Walk 20 Yards

Seal Walk 10 Yards

That's 500 all together. Rest when needed.

This would be the only playout for the rest of the day because once you do it and have completed it, you'll be spanked. When you get to a point where you're resting less and less, your conditioning will skyrocket and you'll be handling your competition like nobody's business. If you're a combat athlete, this will give you a boost of conditioning that can help you last in the cage or ring for quite a bit. Animals utilize multiple muscle groups and tackle the body greater than on 2 limbs. They give you explosive power, strength unlike anything else (and its functional) and your endurance will go further through the roof than many other exercises can attempt.

I still have a ways to go but if i'm at nearly 230 yards already, i'm nearly halfway there pretty quick. I love animal training and it builds me up like nothing else has. Squats and Push-ups are amazing but to me nothing gets me fired up more than an animal move.

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