Thursday, December 29, 2016

Why I love To Provide Resources

Over the years I have shared and promoted many different types of workouts, courses, supplements, books, games & many more different things. This aught to give you an indication of my personality, I don't believe in just one thing, I don't believe in force-fed training systems and I certainly don't believe in creating heat just to help make a living. People have different tastes, have different goals and have different aspirations as to what gives them hope of achieving amazing results so I do my best to bring you the best resources I can find and help you find top notch places.

I can be biased at times when it comes to certain types of fitness but in the long run it is important to give people the opportunity to change their own lives and help them and share with them what can be exciting, unique and jaw-dropping workouts and courses that provide the quality that I have personally researched and either attempted something or I see what certain things have done for people. I want people to feel good about what they find from me, sharing knowledge and helping them find something that suits their interests and not always using personal feelings towards certain things. I don't care about winning any awards, making a billion dollars (although that would add a little touch), if people like my stuff or not (just don't use to your own personal gain and spread stuff I wrote by making it your own) or that my opinions create a whirlwind of someone's existence; all I care about is that people enjoy my style and know that if there was a way to give them the best resources possible to search and learn what they would like to do or are interested in I will find it and if I can't that's ok.

I have no real gimmick or put on a freak show that is spectacular and has videos of heavy entertainment, I'm just me. Just a guy who loves fitness, is human enough to admit that I do have a small issue being on camera and talking to folks, doesn't hide who I'am and that I never BS anyone. I do however tell people at times what I want them to hear because I have hid my true personality on multiple occasions and that around certain people I do put on an act but in the end I'm still here and willing to help the best ways I  can. I don't truly believe in shoving down a product in someone's face acting like its the end all be all. There are certain things people have turned away from when I suggested a product or information about fitness styles and my blunt opinions about them and I'm cool with that. I offer a service to bring you top quality information and products from the biggest names I either know personally, corresponded with, love by reputation and because I do find them incredibly beneficial. I know I do get repetitive on a product or 2 but it isn't to force you to buy them or because someone told me to; its because I personally find it fascinating or have participated in specific forms of training that people can use to their own modifications and share it with the world.

When I show my true colors either on social media or in person; two things will happen, either you'll like me or you won't it's that simple. When I share certain sites, workouts & other courses, its for a purpose. Part of it is to make a living because we all do something to help pay the rent/mortgage but the other 95% is to just help others find cool stuff to give them the chance to find their niche in fitness and provide info that let's them know that they'll either take it with a grain of salt or think its a complete waste of time which does happen from time to time but those moments where you helped someone get fit and bring happiness into their lives through training; its the greatest feeling in the world to me.

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