Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Superhero Recovery Workouts

Even the very best superheroes need recovery time. Some heroes have tremendous stamina and the ability to heal fast yet all heroes max out at some point and need to recuperate whether its for 5 minutes or a whole week. Recovery is essential to muscle building and developing incredible stamina and healing muscle fatigue.

My superhero workouts last between 15-25 minutes worth of work but in between sets I do need to let my body "heal" or recover in order to be fluent and strong in the coming sets of Sprints/Burpees and Circuits. Sometimes I do deep breathing, tapping on certain muscles or joints to get some extra jolt, loosen up certain areas to keep from fatiguing and other things but on my of days; its mostly deep breathing, stretching and keeping my joints loose. I might throw in some Playful Movement or Animal Flow to get in some great agility and flexibility.

Doing recovery workouts is being very smart and makes you more intelligent than most people and not that I think people are very dumb but they don't realize how important recovery time is. Many have led to believe that if you train hard all the time your body will adapt and recovery is just a cool down. Believe it or not if you bust out too hard too often and with little recovery, that's where you can end up injuring yourself and risking tearing muscles and joints when it isn't necessary. That's where I feel pity for those poor souls who pop in those infomercial DVD's of workouts based on P90X, Tae Bo, Insanity, Jillian Michaels and many more. They don't teach recovery because that doesn't sell DVD's; hardcore workouts and having you keep going regardless of your form and safety is what sells and it's become a bit of a harsh reality when you can't think for yourself.

I believe in being as efficient as possible while bringing challenges and progression using simple tactics and strategies that give you the most benefit. I'm more self-reliant than anything else because it's more important to be an individual than be with sheep that follow orders. It's extremely easy to follow someone else in the sense where you can just follow along and do nothing but be ordered to do this or that. What I do my best to instill in people especially training my girlfriend is a basic foundation and progression system that does the best possible job for different individuals. I train her on sprints 2-3 days a week giving her an idea of what to shoot for and best to give her suggestions and ideals for being able to recover in the process because her work schedule is not the norm for most people. Everyone cannot work the same exact way because not everyone has the same schedule, body type, the ability to handle exercises the same way and definitely doesn't have the same exact progression speed and tempo. Some people need to recover longer, others may need some extra boosts because the amount of exercise is not enough to hit that threshold. I can take a beating in certain training aspects but like everyone else, do need recovery time that works for my level of fitness.

Train smart and train with the best effective ways because when you're at your best, you can create results within weeks instead of months or years. People think for the most part they're training the best because someone blindly told them it was the best yet after months and even years of kicking your ass to the ground and putting all your effort, nothing to show for it. You can do amazing things when you learn from the right people and learning how to combine things for your style because trying to be someone else or follow blindly someone else's program without thinking for yourself. This sounds like a contradictory to an article I wrote some time ago called Follow Blindly With Pride. What I was doing my best to teach wasn't about just doing whatever a program tells you to do, it was to give you an opportunity to learn but learn for yourself something you've never done before and see where it leads, if t doesn't work stop doing it. Recovery is a serious element to your success and it's worth more than its weight in gold than you've been led on about. Recover with the best intentions and you can't go wrong.  

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