Thursday, December 22, 2016

The Ultimate Weapon That Will Build Muscle Just By Swinging It

Doing my superhero workouts is becoming a great habit since i'm near my second week into them. They are going to be my Winter training sessions since i'm not the biggest fan to be outside although it is fun from time time time. In the Spring & Summer however, one type of workout that has brought me strength that I never had before or since will be back with a vengeance and doing so twice a week to build steel powered muscle, vibranium corded tendons and obliterate fat like no other is my hammer workouts using two of my most precious and mighty tools of the trade; my Thor Hammer & Epic Sledgehammer made by the modern Blacksmith of the Gods Ryan Pitts.

When you work with sledgehammers, you're getting a feel for that manual labor, back-breaking man's work that will form muscle in ways conventional weights can't and never will. In the past I've called the Thor Workouts Thorsmithing in which means instead of building tools, you're developing a physique being carved out by your own merits and smashing your way to glory. The Epic Sledgehammer workouts are even worse but way more interesting because even though you're smashing a tire to smithereens, you get to be the Mighty John Henry for a period of time. Being able to break through barriers of strength and feeling the surge of the ultimate levels of Testosterone & HGH that steroids cannot ever be measured otherwise. I do take steroids and they're called Hammerbol, its not a pill or a drink or an injection; it is pure hammers that is a tool for very few who are willing to subject themselves to.

Hammers can be fierce, intimidating, full of fear and downright scary as hell. They may look cool and they give off mighty vibes but when you pick them up (if you can) and thrusting it downward onto a tire will bring you power and strength that only the Norse Gods can truly understand. Imagine, hitting a tire 100's or even more than a 1000 times with 30 pound Thor Hammer or a 60 pound Epic Sledge and feel every ounce of your being going into that strike and having the surge of energy that is so strong, average humans run in fear. Only two people have ever joined me in a Hammer workout, one is a beast of a man, the other is a modern day Superwoman less than 5ft tall of pure explosive dynamite. It takes guts to do this kind of training; moving literally a total of 10's of thousands of pounds in a single workout would make most people beg for mercy. I have literally smashed tires with a 60 pound hammer 1000+ times on multiple occasions, that's over 60,000 pounds total in a single workout, that's 30 tons or more being thrown in and I beg for more. It gets you out of breath, it sucks out your soul and your life force is in sheer agony yet it brings out the very best in yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. These are the only true weights I will ever lift, barbells and dumbbells are no longer in my league compared to the hammers. Anybody with a half brain can lift a dumbbell or a barbell but very few can move a hammer with sheer velocity and insane amount of guts just for the opportunity to feel the embodiment of our strength ancestors.

Want to know the closest of feeling like a god of strength and amazing universal muscular empowerment, take on the hammers, I guarantee you it will get you addicted.

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