Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Do You Even Superhero Train Bro?

Funny things aside, we all should strive to have that spirited Superhero/Animalistic style training ideal that could take us to the far reaches of our soul and develop our bodies with pure powerful hormones and maximum metabolism strategy. HIIT is nothing new but with a little imagination we can create workouts that bring out the very best in our abilities. Ever wondered what it be like to have the physique of Captain America, Batman, Green Lantern and other heroes? Why do bodybuilding when you can have a body that is far easier to obtain and be able to eat what you?

My ideal physique is a cross between Batman & Spider-Man, a build that is rugged but not bloated or skinny as hell. At 5'10 and 267 lbs. I'm no where near that but with patience, training hard, eating as good as I can while having a cheat day every now and then I believe I can attain it and be able to have that physique at around 230-240. That's the beauty of body-weight exercise, you can turn them into styles of training to help you be big or smaller depending on how you train, eat and program your strategies. For the most part I like being muscular and looking more like an NFL Fullback than a marathon runner that looks like African children should be feeding him something (bad analogy I know).

My style of training these days is utilizing sprints/burpees, circuits and finishers while using compound movements and MMA simulation in a circuit. Its not about training to be a Superhero, anybody can be a hero but being fit to not only look good but be functional and strong, agile enough to help others when needed. Your imagination is the key and applying it to action can have a massive impact on your progress. Already done 4 workouts of Superhero Sprints and seeing some definition and fat melting like Judge Doom at the end of Roger Rabbit sounding like a discount wicked witch of the west. You see, when you go hard for only less than a few days a week, it may not be much but when you think less is more and gaining more than losing it puts you in a different perspective. There are many ways to do HIIT but I find this to be top of the line that anyone can do whether a beginner or an extreme lunatic with a hard-on for crossfit. It's tough and kicking your ass six ways to Sunday but with consistency, you bring in a level of fitness many never achieve.
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