Friday, December 23, 2016

Cold Showers Building Endurance

For a while now I've been experimenting the method of Cold Water Therapy mainly Cold Showers; yes even in the winter time when it's 20 degrees or lower outside. I've gotten to a point where I can get in and just let the cold water hit me and i'm talking as old as it gets and I mean FUCKING COLD!!! It forces your body to open up on the inside because in order to stay warm, the body burns calories from the trillions of cells rushing through the bloodstream thus when you are literally turning red that's blood rushing throughout your body. Now what does this have to do with endurance?

When you first expose yourself, you breathe hard and fast because your body is in a state of shock and your lungs are needing to produce more oxygen (I'm no scientist, I'm going by how my body feels from starting out till now) but what it really does is that once you become acclimated to the rush of cold water hitting you, you begin to breathe far deeper and thus the greater the deep breathing, the greater your body produces oxygen and burns fat like crazy. When this happens you also produce possibly insanely powerful testosterone and for guys can build up a sperm count by nearly 500%. Who needs steroids when you can produce hormones naturally using techniques like this.

When your body produces insane amounts of oxygen it can lead to greater stamina in your exercise routines or even better in the bedroom with that special someone and believe me, stamina is something you want to have in those reserves. Add in HIIT exercise and holy shit your woman might just be in serious trouble. It takes a powerful level of mental toughness to do Cold Showers and it doesn't get easier but it does get very interesting. If you want more info on Cold Water here's a really fun video by The Art Of Manliness on the benefits of Cold Water Therapy......

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