Monday, December 26, 2016

Building A Superhero Physique

I'm not always about the aesthetics on fitness branding but at some point having a body that is considerably healthy and strong is essential. I'm not talking the bodybuilder look or having the physique of a male model but one where it's solid, powerful and you stand out. I like the build between Batman & Spider-Man which is a cross between a solid muscular frame and ectomorph features. If you're going to build a superhero body, the next thing to do is to do Superhero Training.

It's not easy work and it's not going to happen overnight especially when someone is my size at a solid 267 lb. frame at under 6'. That's where I believe having that look is more for fat burning and establishing powerful muscular entities similar to a fullback or a Tight End in Football. My training as of late consists of Sprinting/Burpees, Circuits & Finishers. Three times a week, I lay down a workout that is tough, intense, heart pounding and loading up on insane compound exercises that include Squats, Push-ups, V-Ups, Kicking, Punching & Mountain Climbers. The circuits range from 3-4:30 Total Minutes per round. The Sprints or Burpees last 30-60 sec. and doing 5 rounds of that total. Finishers range from 3-5 minutes at best using 2-9 exercises that are done for time example I did a superset of Sand/Steelbell 360's and V-ups; the objective is to do as many rounds as possible in allotted time doing 10 reps each (each way on the 360's).

  I don't do the same circuit or finisher twice, I change things up to keep it interesting but still as intense as my body can handle. The Sprints/Burpees change time every two weeks and once I hit the 6 week mark, i'll be sticking to 1 minute rounds of Sprints/Burpees and doing 10 reps each exercise doing a circuit of 4 and doing whatever finisher gets into my head. It's extremely advanced version of Sprint Training and it's not for the weak at heart, this will turn little boys away and have hardcore fanatics rush on in unless its too much for them. This is the closest to doing crazy conditioning for sports such as MMA, Football, Track & others without hitting that Pro status. A superhero takes training seriously and thrusts into the very depths of his/her abilities and take on challenges that would make the average person run for the hills and run for their lives. When you challenge yourself in ways that is unique and full of possibilities, you will find training to be something of a wild entity and doing something not many are willing to do.

Take it seriously but also have fun, use your imagination. Sprints can be done in many ways; running hills, on a track, in place or moving really fast in Battling Ropes. I prefer indoor sprinting due to the weather in my area and it works for me. After workouts I take a nice cold shower to help my muscles recover and eat a good portion of food from burning a ton of calories and continue to burn after the session is over. My physique will come in the coming months and during the Spring & Summer I'll be training with my hammers once every 3-4 days to build that powerful muscular frame and build solid tendon and grip strength that is functional and full of fat burning and building an insane metabolism. You can do Superhero workouts using weights but I do feel Bodyweight is better in the sense where all you need is YOU and it can be done anywhere and anytime. The hammers are just an added bonus or alternative in order to get fresh air, vitamin D and train differently with a zest for Norse Mythology.

Get Superhero Strong
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