Monday, December 19, 2016

Making Big Workouts Three Times A Week

Since the Superhero Workouts are my big thing right now it's important to know that I don't do them more than 3 times a week. Many workouts people do believe to be optimal you need to do them 4-6 times a week because its the go hard or go home attitude isn't it? In order to get the best results is to compromise your body to train hard for short periods and relax/recover the rest of the time so your body can repair itself and build the muscle it needs.

Also if you train hard too much with little recovery, you won't just get muscle tears but rupture tendons, ligaments and possible cartilage. When you hit maximum intensity it doesn't need to be more than 3 times a week because mainly when you do short bursts, you're generating greater hormones and your body pumps more oxygen. The Superhero Workouts consisting of sprints, circuits & my personal favorite, a finisher consist of powerful calorie and fat burning effects that even after the workout you're still burning and creating more muscle over fat.

Although it takes time like everything else, HIIT burns fat faster than any other method and the whole workout without the rest periods take no more than 20-25 of hardcore intensity. It is a powerful method that doesn't just build muscle and give you a run for your money, it saves you time and it's quick to do at any point in the day. Using Finishers creates an even greater effect on the fat burning process through its ability to be efficient in sending signals to the body to burn more than you normally would in a regular cardio workout.

You can create your own Superhero Workouts of HIIT using nothing but your own body weight and you can do it with a small amount of space. To find the top courses to get more ideas, head on over to and take a look at some of the books that can get you going without ever stepping foot in a gym.

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