Monday, November 14, 2016

Crazy Primal Strength

I've been on a terror the last couple days getting back into my favorite form of training: Animal Exercise. Doing things such as hanging, crawling, walking & jumping like a wild animal particularly Apes & Monkeys (my personal favorite type of animals). Ever since I saw the new trailer for Kong: Skull Island & watching the first two of the Planet Of The Apes Reboot series, my instincts have put me on a path to just go Ape in my training.

I build my grip strength by hanging from my pull-up bar in various positions to develop a grip that is functional and powerful; plus having the ability to elongate the spine, strengthen and put some flexibility into my shoulders adds tremendous benefit for my own development. On the ground I do different stuff from monkey walks to moving putting most of my weight on knuckles and what is bi-peddle swaggering where you walk like a chimp. For me this is the ultimate form of basic primal movement and strengthening the body from awkward angles and building on pulling power.

Many people in the fitness world like animal movements these days and why not? They're good for you, help develop new levels of conditioning and strengthen the muscles unlike our typical humanized bodyweight exercises but not all methods are created equal. Some are very good like what i'm doing, Animal Flow, MovNat and others but some are also a little out there and are too commercialized like an aerobics class having too much of a human style to it instead of feeling like a wild beast just moving and strengthening the body. I'm not saying this is a bad thing but it takes away the authenticity of moving and mimicking wild animals. Its always good to find something for everyone but whether you're a beginner or an advanced animal, its always important to move as best as possible without relying too much on the human side of it. There are some animals people shouldn't or can't do and that's OK yet the most basic animals can be taught with great progression according to one's fitness level.

I taught animal moves to people young and old when I was in college and I gave each person a certain form of progression that suited to their level and whether they can barely walk or start running down the court I let their instincts be a part of their development. You can learn the movement all you want but if it doesn't feel instinctive and it doesn't click you won't get very far. I have mastered many animals but my favorites are of the primates and do them according to my strength levels and my ability to stay in specific positions. I'm a big man so hanging from  a pull-up bar doesn't last too long but its still effective, with the ground work I just go until I need to rest or stop.

Build great real primal strength and execute moves that suit you and work for your abilities currently.

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