Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Quick And Simple Workouts Two To Three Times A Week

Many people are pressed for time when they do their best to exercise. They think in order to get in shape they need to do hour long workouts that consist of mainly cardio, stretching and lifting weights. It sucks but you're probably a good many folks who work long hours, need to take care of your kids and maybe just want to crash at the end of the day. I don't blame you, I've seen many parents and guardians just wiped when they pick their kids up from either day care or school and it takes on a toll on them.

Its never easy to start any kind of fitness regimen and even if you're fully committed, you never know what kind of day you'll get and there will be days where your routine is just off for any particular reason. A lot of fitness experts expect you to hold down the fort and do workouts they tell you will get you "in shape" that consists of being on a treadmill, do some weird stretching before you play around with the weights and the machines. There's nothing wrong with following a specific program yet there aught to be something that strikes you to keep coming back for more. Let's face it, traditional cardio at those chrome and fern gyms that suck the life out of you and fill your brain with nonsensical training methods that can most likely do one of two things; won't give you the results you are doing your damnedest to achieve or 2, end up injuring you because you were taught bad form or you went into overload and your body shuts down.

What if you can do a style of training that burns off fat, takes less than 10 minutes and be able to burn calories even hours after your workout? You can do them 2x-3x a week and get what you need done. Granted the exercises and routines aren't easy by any stretch but give you a powerful sense of accomplishment and make the most out of the time you have.

I'm talking about Workout Finishers where you take a 1-4 or 5 exercises and just blast them in a high intensity level of training. They can be done in supersets, circuits, ladders, done in as many rounds as possible all in a short amount of time. Just yesterday I did a finisher after a DDP Yoga session learning the basics and did a Superset of 5 Kettlebell Presses per arm and going straight into 5 Mountain Climbers per leg; doing this workout for only 5 minutes and doing as many rounds as possible without resting. This alone kicked my ass big time and I loved it. That's just one example, another would be doing 3 exercises for 8 minutes at a 20/10 Tabata Style workout that will have you burning fat like a furnace. You can do them immediately after your current workouts or do them on your days off to help shed off extra fat and burn calories like butter to a hot plate.

I'm not in the habit of bullshitting anyone (excuse the language but I'm being honest here) so when I tell you what can be a real bad ass in your training, better believe what i'm saying. I realize you may be skeptical and that's ok, I was too and I didn't think it work, then I decided to just do it and see what happens and holy crap I felt it immediately and my heart was thumping and my lungs were firing. I want to share with you a real balls to the wall course that is only Finishers that really put you in a state of being in a fat burning zone that occurs during and after doing a finisher that will shed fat, build muscle and have you able to eat your favorite foods. If you truly commit and build on healthy eating while developing finishers for your workouts or on days off, your eyes will pop out of your head from the shock of the type of physique you can create. I've lost fat and put on great muscle while staying at a bodyweight of over 265 and its helped me stay agile and conditioned for other favorite methods of exercise.

So come on, do it for you and check it out by going HERE and see what can be in stored for you.

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