Thursday, November 10, 2016

Hundreds Of Push Ups & Squats In A Day

Over the last few days I have been experimenting with doing Push-ups & Squats throughout the day more often in Supersets. I'm doing a maximum of 25 reps per exercise which means I'll do one variation for 25 in a row or do a couple variations until I get to 25, the Squats are 25 straight through no matter what. Multiple Variations of the Push-up is being done through what I feel like doing and keeping that up throughout the day. I don't experience almost any soreness and i'm not overtaxing my nervous system or overtraining the muscles. I recover very well and it's starting to show especially in my chest, upper back and arms. So far I'm hitting up to a total of 300 Push-ups & Squats.

I'm mastering a particular squat done by dancers and it helps take pain off of my knees. Recently doing Hindu Squats, although very good for your health and building a solid foundation on conditioning, it puts a bit of stress on MY knees and needed to change things up. As a big guy, its important to be aware of the type of exercise you do and learn what works in term of overall strength not just in the muscles but the joints so you may have to do different variations to find the one that gives YOU the best benefit. The squat in particular i'm learning and is working rather amazing so far is taught in Kevin Wikes Pan Program which is based on the deity of the half-man half-goat that represents masculinity and virility. I like how simple this exercise is but it also gives a powerful stretch in the hamstrings and groin and promotes heavy testosterone when done in high reps.

 Now why am I doing this? What's my end game here? Well its not to prove how many I can do of each that's for damn sure; its basically teaching me what I can do to be creative while keeping things simple and keep my body moving throughout the day because I do work from home and whenever I do go out its not that often especially now when my house has had big issues these past near 2 weeks. I always did workouts where I just did them all at once and that was it or do another workout later on that evening. I would work the rest of the time writing to you, researching, messing around a bit or going out somewhere so this is to help me stay fresh and strong while building muscle. My big workout really is at night when I work on my neck and my bridging exercises to stretch and strengthen the entire body doing my neck from multiple angles and doing the Front & Back Bridge for 3 min. each. This way I'm not overexerting myself and I get to do what I love while sticking with basic exercises. When it's warmer out, I go swimming or do animal movements or qi gong exercise.

Do you need to do these exercises everyday? No you can split them up into various days in the week or do one day of push-ups, one day of squats and the next bridging or do them all at once it depends on your goals. This works for ME and I'm liking the benefits from it. I don't go crazy and I don't push myself to the limit and keep an eye on how my body feels.
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