Thursday, June 30, 2016

Move Stretch Play Like An Animal

Being inspired by the upcoming Tarzan Film, I'm edging my way back to doing Animal Movements. Having the ability to change things up and honing a skill I haven't practiced in a while is not only a blessing but a lot of fun. Most of the time, I have no structure when it comes to training like an Animal and why should I; the only routine an animal ever really has is when its in captivity otherwise they rely on instinct and need that jolt for when they need to eat or run from prey.

I don't necessarily do rep schemes unless its the animal dice game otherwise i'm moving and stretching by instinct and working my brain at the same time. I get it some people are very much into their routine because it gives them comfort, safety and they know what to hit. If you're out in the wild, routines are basically out the damn window. The ability to adapt and improve takes practice and learning how to use your brain from as many angles as possible. When you get caught up in a routine, there's not a whole lot of changes, the body becomes use to what you're doing and at times more than likely slows down your progress than bringing it up, granted some routines work fantastically and has made many results but at the same time its important to switch things up because in order to develop higher brain activity, you must be willing to change things up in a moment's notice and take on different tasks that develop greater nerve power.

That's the beauty of various forms of movement especially Animal moves; its a constant change and shift in the body's ability to perform sometimes out of nowhere by having strength in awkward positions, the ability to balance whether bi-pedal or quadrupedal plus being flexible in as many positions as your body can stand. Just the mere stretch of The Scorpion Reach or the Crab Reach from Animal Flow creates sensations and automated shifts in how your body performs the exercise; its awkward at first but with practice it is beautiful to learn.

I believe in Exercise Freedom, making use of what you know and what you can learn to know that helps transition from one thing to another and just playing. Too many of us are over-analytical and never take the time to just play and learn what works. Learn to expect the unexpected and have fun otherwise you just go through the motions and never realize your true potential and imagination that can not only create results in a snap but shoot them through the roof.
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