Monday, June 27, 2016

Tarzan Is Coming Back To The Big Screen

Oh baby, I've been itching to see the Ape Man on the big screen again for some time and now its finally here (July 1st to be exact). The last Tarzan film that was reasonable was Disney's take on the Jungle Man back in the 90's (For you youngins) and I was around 14-15 years old so it was literally over half a lifetime ago for me LOL and it was and still is one of my all-time favorites. I fantasized like a lot of kids what it would be like to travel through the jungle in trees and running on the ground like a gorilla. After a number of years I've come to accept that Apes are my favorite animals and I intend to move like one off and on the rest of my life.

The character embodies the perfect man; the physique, the strength, the speed, agility & significant genius of survival, second that comes to mind comes between Batman & Indiana Jones. His movements are so keen and powerful that whether you've heard of the name or not, seeing what he can do is jaw dropping and inspiring. When it came to conditioning, one of the things that came up was how one on how to train like the ape man; training on the Charles Atlas course, high rep calisthenics & swimming were those things. I started digging more and learned a few things but nothing for me has come close to what the exercises for Animal Movements has brought.

You see, most people who knew of the Tarzan films starting back in the 30's with Johnny Weissmuller then on had a common theme with most actors such as Ron Ely, Mike Henry & a couple others where they worked out by doing nothing but calisthenics & Swimming (Good ole' Johnny) which it should be because don't get me wrong the new guy as the Ape Man looks in phenomenal shape but Tarzan doesn't lift weights or operate heavy artillery in his style so he relies on nothing but his own body and the environment he's occupied in e.g the Jungle. Animal Movements are the closest thing next to the Movement Style MovNat to actually getting into that Jungle Man mode. You crawl, jump, climb, swim, move rocks, swing, balance & run (I rather sprint thank you). It inspires me to learn how to develop my body in a unique way and have a lot of fun with it. I'm a heavy dude and am no where near Tarzan's lean, mean, fighting physique but that doesn't stop me from doing kick ass things and have the opportunity to train and move like a wild man.

This looks like the most epic version of the Tarzan Mythology yet especially with how they CGI'd the Gorillas. Read the story is a tad different but not by much. He'll be played by Swedish Actor Alexander SkarsgÄrd (to you fans of True Blood) whom I've only heard of by a couple things so I don't have exact opinions of his acting abilities but apparently he did enough to land the role so we'll see. To get more familiar of the Character check out the old films (long before Disney) by going here.....I highly recommend the Mike Henry version since I consider him the best looking but the best acting of the character belongs to two guys; Ron Ely & Jock Mahoney. Some of the acting is a little out there but pay attention to the story and the excitement of the adventures he endures. My personal favorites however are with Johnny Weissmuller with Maureen O'Sullivan as Jane.

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