Thursday, June 23, 2016

Developing VRT Exercise Routines

Been going crazy over the VRT training lately and its beginning to be more addicting everyday. I test out different routines to keep the mind fresh and the body constantly adapting because as you know or may not realize, once you begin peaking and nothing really changes, that means your body is used to what you've been doing to it. To get the best results is to change things up on an often basis. No problem doing the same exercises but make sure to switch around the order and the level of intensity.

The fastest routine I can get through lately is doing the exercises in Supersets (2 exercises back to back, no rest) and continue this throughout the workout. My order has been 9 exercises, 8 of them in superset fashion. This is a great way to really jack up your heart rate hence the fat burning mechanism, intensity is a little higher and you can do it in one of two ways, do them as same muscle groups (Curl, Cable Pulls) or Opposite Muscles (Back/Chest) for example. You can create any order and do a routine any way you see fit. Some people like to do them one at a time, some done in circuits whatever is comfortable for you.

Some people have actually used VRT as a primary bodybuilding routine done on split days like the old-time muscle builders, it works great for that too. I once read that a guy does this type of training for a full hour and a half for bodybuilding. I like to be able to get done fast and over with as possible. As adventurous the system is, my brain just doesn't do well with intense training for a long period of time. I'd keep it under 30 min. more like 20 and i'm fine. Create the routine that suits your goals, the time needed & making the most out of your training. It is a beautiful system that can be done anywhere, anytime. My favorite place is outdoors getting that vitamin D while taking in fresh air, doesn't get any better than that. Some prefer indoors, that's awesome; how about listening to your favorite tunes like you would in the gym, you can do that too. Learn what you want out of it, develop a routine that aids in building primarily muscle, or boosting cardio or whatever; take the time to figure out what gets you in the habit and fire away. Make VRT your own.
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