Tuesday, June 28, 2016

An Animal Never Takes A Day Off

When I think about people wanting a day off because they're sore or there's nothing in them for that day or they're doing their split routines and having "time off" for recovery; makes me want to ask them if "you ever heard of a tiger or a gorilla taking a day off?" Does a gorilla ever say "I'm going to take a week off after climbing this tree" or a cheetah telling himself "you know what, I ran hard today so maybe a couple days off since there isn't anything to do in the jungle" its not going to happen.

Animals have it far worse than we do and i'm talking the wild ones not the ones in captivity where there's "Structure" and domestication but do they complain about back aches or hurting thighs hell do they think its cool to just shrug it off for a day or two because their muscles are just downright out of it? Let me tell you something, if an animal even remotely screws up he's someone else's prey or couldn't find enough food to live on and starved to death. Compared to us humans we have it easy, there's really no apparent reason to ever take a day off of training. We don't need to do the same intensity all the time but we always aught to do something no matter how small or big.

I've learned this new philosophy that unless you're paralyzed from the hair follicle down, there's no excuse to take a day off. You have more than enough muscles in your body that function the way they're supposed to, so if you're sore in one area, utilize another, it doesn't take a genius to know that when one door doesn't open another does and you have the opportunity to make the best of it. Motivation starts in the mind, when you transfer it to the body everything falls into place. I understand many aren't motivated but for the most part a lot of the reasons are very much inexcusable "I don't have time" you always have time, a workout can be less than 5 minutes or even 1 minute to start with, "I can't afford the gym" use your own bodyweight and do little things to start like jumping jacks, marching in place, Isometrics; "I don't have the equipment" again use your bodyweight, go to a park, use rails, do isometric pulldowns while riding the bus; "The gym is too far away" do things at home or in the yard like squat holds, push-ups, exercise in your chair; "People will laugh at me" people will always give someone a hard time but look at it this way, while they have nothing else to do, you're doing something more important for yourself.

I believe in being able to do something even for a minute and most can do things for a minute, nothing is going to happen overnight, it takes time & patience plus effort but if you can do a little effort even down to the smallest fraction and build up little by little big things will happen. I love what I do but not because its glamorous or always fun, I do it because I know what it's like to be low and not be able to do much, I had broken legs for nearly several months and it was more than damn difficult to keep up my mind and do what I felt I needed to do. I had not one person telling me to not rehab with PT, nobody gave me the motivation and most people I knew didn't believe in what I wanted to do, nobody encouraged me. I had two choices really and one of them was just give up and do what everyone should tell me to do; I chose not to do that despite what was thrown at me. Don't ever think being motivated is by having others encourage you and giving you praises and inspiration; that's not going to happen for everyone.

Animals are a bit of the same way, nobody tells them what to do, they go on instinct and what they're choices are simple and that's either survive or die that's it. There's not a whole lot of encouragement, sure there's packs of different animals in a tribe but for the most part, they're on their own and when family isn't around the chances of survival is extremely slim. Taken a day off in my mind is a sin unless its in extreme circumstance otherwise if you can turn your head, wiggle your fingers, move your toes, move your stomach forward and back or hell only able to lift your arm only mere inches that's still doing something and can be made into amazing training if you put the effort into it. Yes I can be harsh at times but its not to punish or put down anyone, its part of my self-discipline and what I choose to do on my terms and how I view things from personal experiences to mere observations.

Be like an animal, always learn what's possible and make it happen.

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