I'm Back & Ready To Get @ It

I'm back and it is crazy awesome. Disneyland was the best trip yet with my favorite girl and making awesome memories and did a ton of walking plus Isometrics. I have written before about Theme Park Isometrics and that it helps with boredom and keeps you on your toes. While in line for various rides and meet & greets, I did Isometrics from many angles and intensities ranging arm wrestling poles, pulling on chains, isometric wrist rotations, pulling up on rails, pushing against the walls, gripping the handles of a ride, chest presses, isometric punches, wall sits and much more. It gave me insane energy as we walked on average 8 miles a day in the parks and to/from the hotel.

I even gave an Avenger a run for his money during a photo op in California Adventure near the Animation Academy & the Hyperion. See For yourself.....

I had him on the ropes and I could really do this all day but the guy needed to have fun meeting fans and keep up with another Marvel hero that was just crawling with charisma; think you may know the guy....

Isometrics just give you that insane internal strength & power you can't get anywhere else. You can literally do them anywhere, anytime and at virtually every angle. I think even a Star Wars villain was sensing my strength and needed to be sure he can use his own abilities on me but he just couldn't come to grips with it. Tried to get in my head....Poor bastard never had a chance...

To truly learn the value of Isometrics within the beauty of training in reality is the ability to expand your mind to possibilities you didn't think existed. There are many that are so shallow & can't grasp the concept to truly train anywhere anytime. You have strength in you that hasn't reached its greatest potential. Adding in Isometrics with you give great power but as Uncle Ben says "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility. 

Time to get back to doing my thing and remember no matter what, you can do things that can make a greater impact than you can imagine. Kick ass & be awesome. 

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