Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Being In Top Condition For Life

Regardless of age it's always awesome to be in top shape. Whether you're in sports, business or just want to look awesome and be full of energy; training for life-long conditioning is a must if you want to live a quality life. Sure you can be over 80 and still be lucky to be alive but the majority of those in that age range or even 20 years before then have a lot of major issues that halts their health, happiness, quality of shining energy and more.

It's not a bad thing to look good and have a body that turns heads but if you have problems on the inside all that outer appearance won't mean jack. I don't look like a greek god or a adonis that is just so damn beautiful; i'm just a guy that likes to train and maintain good health and quality of life by laughing and learning what I can. I train for life, I don't go for max weight or reps or do anything to failure, just do things that make me happy and help me stay in shape. That's part of my current training by taking basic old school exercises and get in the best shape I can without injuring myself and feel like that one day at 19 where I couldn't even lift my head out of bed because I was so stiff.

Living a long life is a great feat for anyone but why live a long life of physical pain, full of arthritis, joint inflammation and weak legs? Train for quality, not for quantity. It takes a bigger person mentally to rather maintain their health by training and challenging the body rather than reminiscing what you were able to do. I don't plan on doing another 1000+ Squats in a workout anytime soon because why would I need to? There's no point but I want to be able to do more than 100 as I get older. It's that mindset most can't truly understand because its that "I want it now and I need it fast." Knowledge is first but wisdom becomes your greatest ally when you open doors for yourself and give the next generation a chance to learn. A painter didn't start out great and when he masters his craft he makes more mistakes than a beginner can even begin to touch. Live with purpose but live for what's important.

Make the most out of your training by developing knowledge on how to maintain your strength throughout your life and how to use it whenever you choose. Whether momentary or for long periods of time if you stay in top shape regardless of what you do, you'll be light years ahead of your peers or those in your age groups.

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