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Speed Demon

When your life is on the line and someone is chasing you, jogging isn't going to be on your mind. You will burst through and run like a bat out of hell to get away. Sprinting is not just a workout, it could very well save your life and hit your body to drill up some adrenaline in order to survive. Being a speed demon was a staple of ancient times and it's the quickest way to not only burn off fat but put on muscle that is realistic, functional and worth the effort because if you're weak and couldn't move very fast it was your ass.

When I sprint I use my imagination in a variety of ways that has one thing in common and that's to go hard and fast as possible. I imagine things like a wild animal chasing me, running down a villain like the flash, catching dinner like a cheetah, outrunning prey like a greyhound, hauling ass to away from the boulder like in Indiana Jones. There are so many ways you can increase your speed but it all starts with your thoughts. That's …

Two Superheroes Inspire To Burn Fat Fast

I loved superheroes as a kid, watching the old x-men cartoons, Batman The Animated Series, Superman, Spiderman and others but I didn't get really inspired by them until a few years ago when the Avengers movies were coming together. From then on I did crazy research and different ways to train in Superhero Fashion. Of course I didn't put on a cape or mask but I was inspired to train differently and enhance my imagination. That's why it helped me get in better condition and use my imagination for workouts based on heroes like Batman, Thor, Hulk and others. What I found to be one of my biggest inspirations is the Superheroes-inspired sprinting.

DC's The Flash & Marvel's Quicksilver are the speed demons of Comic Book Culture and my biggest inspirations for doing Sprint Training. Out of the two clearly Flash takes the cake. He's more humorous and just has that bad ass outfit with the lightning bolt attached to the center. Whenever I do sprints he's one of th…

The 2 Most Famous & Leanest/Fastest Animals That Teach You To Burn Fat Fast

In my latest quest to transforming into a Wild Jungle Man (My girl calls me Monkey Man), I've been learning through self-experimentation that burning fat isn't that easy but if you stop and think about what really hits everything in order to get that fat burning machine running? I've done it many times but I always wondered what animals are the fastest of their species and how do they stay lean their entire lives. Although most animal movements generate great levels of natural growth hormone and metabolism only less than a handful are the pinnacle of burning off fat like a hot plate to butter.

Next year will be 20 years of being in fitness starting with lifting weights in junior high and in all that time I have found only maybe 3 methods that truly target metabolism-increase, natural hormone-growth and the ability to decrease fat faster & that was Sprinting, Animal Movements & Isometrics. When I went to get my physical for the first time since I was in High School,…

Train To Master Yourself

Its not a bad thing to follow someone's methods but its not the best thing to follow someone else's pace or workout. If you do so, you will become second-rate in a third rate system. The very best body shapers & conditioned trainees molded their style all on their self mastery. Train in the exercises you're interested in and learn the technique; the rest is up to you. I like the way certain workouts are put together but like to put my own touches on them because I want to feel they're mine.

Mastering yourself takes discipline but it can be interesting. Learn systems that make you feel amazing and feel like you can accomplish anything. However; following someone else's pace to me most of the time is completely boring and unless you're in a team sport, its best to set your own pace, your own style and your own life. Following someone at their pace takes away a piece of yourself because you're a slave to their style. An extreme few of these systems let you…

Progression For Improvement...Not Taking Your Body To The Limit

When I finally got out of the hospital after the three surgeries on my legs, I was cleared to start rehabbing. For those that don't know my story, you can find it in the archives of the blog. What i'm about to say might piss people off and even may confuse them to what they were "taught" at the gym by those so called "experts" that tell you the only to get better at something is to push the limits. For the most part at least in my experience is complete bullshit and I don't care what your reaction is, I'm telling it from my point of view and outlook on my philosophy.

Training early on in my self-rehab was a pain in the ass, i'm not going to lie, it hurt and I couldn't do much but I never pushed it to the absolute limit otherwise i'd be back in the hospital. I started out doing only squats, push-ups and bridging; couldn't do jack for squats, barely can handle a few push-ups and was nowhere near my nose touching the mat. I instinctivel…

Isometrics & The Animals

Got back into Isometrics lately doing the Self Resistance style pitting muscle against another muscle so I can put on some definition. This is mostly due to changing things up and getting my mind out of boredom. No I'm not giving up on my animal exercise but I might tone it down to a few times a week instead of everyday because as much as I love it I get bored easily.

Making a certain method an integral part in your training can possibly enhance your strength and conditioning so that's where the Isometrics come in. It hits your muscles from a static position with max effort or at near max effort. Most don't realize that this particular method is one of the most difficult to concentrate on because unlike moving your body or a weight, your focus needs to be on point of the muscles you're pushing or pulling. Next to Sprints, Isometrics are the next best thing to burning off fat and building dense muscle plus being able to do it wherever you want.

Doing Animal movements ca…

New Influence By Superhero Beast Boy

Unless you're a hardcore DC Comics Reader and a fan of Teen Titans, not many know about the young superhero Beast Boy. I just learned about him a couple days ago while watching the new DC Animated Movie Justice League Vs. Teen Titans. Hell of a story and one of the best coming of age stories I've seen in a while. The one character that caught my eye that I believe stole the show was the young and green skinned kid named Beast Boy (real name Garfield). His power is the ability to transform into any animal that he has seen whether illustrated or up close; that to me is one hell of a superpower and has struck me in the heart because I love doing animal type movements.

How he got his powers is more tragic than awesome; growing up with parents that practically abused him and ended up contracting a disease that is deadly to any animal including humans except for a West African Green Monkey. The only way the kid can be saved was by being injected with a serum that turned him into a G…

Not Just Primate Muscle

Many love to see muscles whether big or small on a man. For the most part, being muscular in a realistic sense (not bodybuilding muscles of today) can make you look intimidating but never underestimate the power of what's within your muscles. To me muscles are cool to look at from time to time on some people but in the end, I always wonder if there's real strength behind those muscles? Believe it or not a small portion of the muscle building world has very strong people. The reason why is not just the muscles but the strength of the tendons and ligaments that truly hold the muscles together.

Since I've talked about animal moves lately I should warn you that when you train this way, you'll build muscle but not grotesque looking muscle and you'll be strengthening your joints and the tendons throughout your movements. This builds functional muscle or what I call Primal Muscle. This goes beyond the world of muscle muscle muscle and digs deep into the cortex of your bod…

Daily Animals

Regardless of your training whether for competition, conditioning, strengthening or developing a highly good looking physique there always should be an animal you aught to do between workouts or on your days off. Animal training builds the muscles in different positions that other exercises can't touch. That's because most exercises have an up and down, side lift position as oppose to an animal exercise that hits you from so many angles its not even funny. When I do other workouts like circuits, bridging, VRT or whatever I do my best to move around like an animal the rest of the day because I love to move and keep my body energized.

People like to cram their workouts within a short period of time (an hour or less) and that's fine more power to you but I feel regardless of time, do little things throughout the day so you stay freshed until you're ready to pass out at bed time. When I travel and am around people I don't always have time for a major workout until its …

The Strength Of Primates

Its becoming a habit of transforming into a Primate (Ape, Monkey) these days as i'm testing out more ways to move like a wild jungle animal or hanging from the pull-up bar in various positions. Currently at my size I can do 5 pull-ups from various grips and that number will get a little higher each progression. That doesn't sound like much but at 268 lbs. its pulling a ton of weight (literally). That's the fascinating thing about primates is their crazy strength and power.

There's no true way of telling how strong a primate is; take for example the chimpanzee....

The strength of a chimp is so surreal its not even worth laughing at. Moving on all four limbs the majority of its life using their arms just as long puts them in the category of superhuman strength. Tested at a zoo they had a female chimp deadlift a heavyweight. The amount was roughly 600 lbs. or more using only one arm. That's freaking insane once you wrap your brain around it. Now think about the Lowlan…

Becoming Tarzan

Training to be the Ape Man isn't something that happens overnight, its a real commitment whether short term or long term. With the upcoming movie coming this summer, I'm brushing up on my animal training (mainly Primate Movements) and making my body move differently and develop flexibility in my hips and shoulders through deep squatting (which I like to call the Ape Squat) and pulling power through hanging from different grips and pull-ups from different grips. To truly dig deep into the heart of Tarzan Fitness you really need to go to the full source (with adaptations of course) by training the body in a series of animalized movements just like the man himself that has to crawl, jump, hang, swing (brachiate) and balance.

Animal Kingdom Conditioning

Animal Kingdom Conditioning 2: Call Of The Wild

For a 270 lb man, brachiating isn't an easy task, for the most part its damn near impossible but I believe i'll be able to do it again one day and be able to practice more on th…

Grip Training On A Budget

There are those in the world that can't afford a gym or specific equipment that costs an arm and a leg but still want to become strong and fit. I love having a strong grip but I don't have that big of money for stones, a power rack, drag sled or Battling ropes; I believe in being simple and minimal of what is used for my best interest and benefit. Plus I don't have any room for all that stuff but I do have some things that you can get at a hardware store, towels and a pull-up bar for under 30 bucks. Just because something costs a big deal doesn't always mean its a big deal.
My secret to grip strength on a budget is to do things that the only weight it requires is your own. I did thick bar pull-ups by wrapping my bath towel around the bar, built up my fingers from doing gorilla exercises and fingertip push-ups to the point where I can do them explosively off the ground, hook my fat gripz to a bar and have at it yet still made progress with my grip strength. Not everyone…

Apeing Up My Conditioning

Yes the first word in the title isn't in the dictionary or a full on word but you know what, it sums up what I've been doing lately. Becoming an ape is no easy feat, it takes focus, commitment, a little imagination and being oblivious to looking like a goof. People can say what they want and depict how to train like a gorilla but to truly get down to the nitty gritty, you have to move like one in order to become one. Animals in the wild don't lift weights or use machines to gain their strength; they rely on nothing but their body and instincts in order to survive. Granted if they had to move anything it be boulders, knocking down trees and carrying large specs of nature.

Nothing in the world can give you the functional strength, agility, flexibility and power more than the true animalized movements of bodyweight conditioning. Sure weights, medicine balls, jump rope, stones and dumbbells can give you great conditioning and can take you far if you use it properly and with r…

Why Is It Important To Be Creative?

Why is it important to be creative? Is it to become someone more than the rest, is it about being better and more reliable on your imagination than to do someone else's style? In my mind, being creative in fitness is the toughest thing you can ever be. Doing someone else's style makes you lower than your true potential is. That is not to say you can't learn or be taught a specific way so you can learn your own style later; it just means what you want to do can be learned through your interest, will to commit and the idea to find yourself in what you believe works.

Throughout my life, I never liked being told what works and what doesn't, I made the choice to be creative because my brain operates differently than the majority of people. I learn from a lot of people all the time but that doesn't change the fact that when it comes down to fitness, i'm very self reliant. I feel alive and focused as I create my workouts or my own style of training. My soul is free an…