Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The 2 Most Famous & Leanest/Fastest Animals That Teach You To Burn Fat Fast

In my latest quest to transforming into a Wild Jungle Man (My girl calls me Monkey Man), I've been learning through self-experimentation that burning fat isn't that easy but if you stop and think about what really hits everything in order to get that fat burning machine running? I've done it many times but I always wondered what animals are the fastest of their species and how do they stay lean their entire lives. Although most animal movements generate great levels of natural growth hormone and metabolism only less than a handful are the pinnacle of burning off fat like a hot plate to butter.

Next year will be 20 years of being in fitness starting with lifting weights in junior high and in all that time I have found only maybe 3 methods that truly target metabolism-increase, natural hormone-growth and the ability to decrease fat faster & that was Sprinting, Animal Movements & Isometrics. When I went to get my physical for the first time since I was in High School, I found out my metabolism was low and my blood pressure was quite high so I went back to the only thing I can think of that hits those 2 things in very different ways by one thing going up and the other going down. I went back a few weeks later and my blood pressure dropped 30 points and my metabolism went up a percentage.

That one thing I came up with was doing my Superhero Sprints program 3x a week and making it my mission to make those numbers hit in opposite directions. It worked like a charm but I went off the wagon a short time later. Although I still have those numbers in good hands I've just changed things around.

So what are the most famous speed demons of animal kingdom? Would believe their a Dog & Wildcat? It's the Cheetah & the Greyhound. These lean, mean, fighting machines are insanely fast and have muscles in places that are surreal. A Greyhound can run the 100-Meter Dash in under 5 seconds which hits at about 45 MPH, that's freakishly fast and the cheetah's highest speed on record was roughly 70 MPH. How long do they last at their top speed? Most likely no more than a few seconds to a minute. The need for recovery is greatly increased but because of the stupid crazy amount of fat and calories being burned even completely at rest, its increasing their hormones and it helps put on lean, functional & insane muscle from their necks down to the damn paws.

Humans are such a complex and mysterious species but nonetheless, we can get nearly he same effects of that kind of phenomena. No we can't run that fast no matter how hard we try, the top speed on record I believe is 28 MPH and that's less than 10 seconds at full blast. However, do due the nature of our body's unbelievable system of blood flowing, strong organs & mighty powerful hormones we can create great effects on the nervous system to generate greater amount of hormones than the leading lethal injections that pro athletes use to get ahead in their sport. When you sprint hard for 8-30 seconds you are generating insane amounts of blood in order to oxygenate the organs while also expanding your lung capacity plus increasing growth hormone naturally to recover and strengthen all the muscles in the body to produce your metabolism. There's an old saying "You don't need to do much, for doing a lot." This applies very well with sprinting.

Now are there other ways to do this other than sprinting? Yes, there's jump roping for 10 minutes, swimming hard for 25 meters, doing animal movements really fast for a short burst; anything that gets you out of breath fast. Sprinting however is the cream of the crop on this in my opinion. This even helps burn fat even if your diet isn't that good; its possible and I've seen changes in people. No more than 3x a Week and if you're a complete beginner, power walk as fast as you can until you need to catch your breath and build up to a full on sprint. This is the ultimate way to fat loss and builds muscle fast.

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