Thursday, April 28, 2016

Two Superheroes Inspire To Burn Fat Fast

I loved superheroes as a kid, watching the old x-men cartoons, Batman The Animated Series, Superman, Spiderman and others but I didn't get really inspired by them until a few years ago when the Avengers movies were coming together. From then on I did crazy research and different ways to train in Superhero Fashion. Of course I didn't put on a cape or mask but I was inspired to train differently and enhance my imagination. That's why it helped me get in better condition and use my imagination for workouts based on heroes like Batman, Thor, Hulk and others. What I found to be one of my biggest inspirations is the Superheroes-inspired sprinting.

DC's The Flash & Marvel's Quicksilver are the speed demons of Comic Book Culture and my biggest inspirations for doing Sprint Training. Out of the two clearly Flash takes the cake. He's more humorous and just has that bad ass outfit with the lightning bolt attached to the center. Whenever I do sprints he's one of the first to have me imagine having that speed, the force to drive hard and run hard for short bursts. Sprints are at the top of the food chain for burning off fat faster than any other method period. I was never much a jogger even before my leg injuries but for the most part, jogging isn't going to help you develop muscle and burn fat the way you think it does.

Not saying running isn't good cardio exercise if that's what you enjoy cool but if you plan on developing powerful legs and burn calories like crazy, long distance cardio won't get you there. HIT workouts burn off far more because of the amount of exertion that is applied and the ability to really tackle insane fat burning and muscle building (functional muscle that is). Jogging can burn calories no question but it isn't going to store energy the way sprinting does. Look at the difference between a sprinter & a distance runner, its pure night and day. The distance runner has great stamina but has very little muscle to show and looks like a person who's about to wither and die as oppose to a sprinter that has a great deal muscle mass, far lower bodyfat and looks like he could be on steroids.

Sprinting intensifies the Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers and stores more energy into the cells and speeds up your hormones that create better recovery, makes you look younger and fills your lungs with oxygen more than you know what to do with. Although you're breathing far harder and feel like you're going to die, you're actually making your body produce more hormones in order to facilitate those energy cells to the lungs. I'm no scientist or biology professor but I know how my body feels after sprinting and it helps with my legs because I have a rod and 8-10 pins in my legs that hurt at times just from walking but no pain from sprinting.

Quicksilver is an amazing speedster and burns off more fat than any other hero in the marvel universe so he needs to eat like a madman just to keep fueling his muscles. For that much speed to run on and the amount of calories burned a person of that caliber would need to eat up to 20,000 calories a day or more so for a human, it be maybe 25% less than that depending on the person. Don't always assume because someone eats a ton their going to look like a beast; some people have very high metabolisms and need more calorie fueled intake in order to satisfy the body's needs. Some of us like myself have lower metabolisms meaning we can't burn off as easily and our bodies store more. I'm training myself to increase my metabolism in order to burn off the stored fat my body that isn't easy to get rid of. I do train hard as you have seen some of my past workouts but I'm also learning to be a bit more strategic, I do still eat quite a bit because of the muscle mass I produced over the years and keeping to a better minimum of not eating and drinking too much crap (I like food leave me alone lol) so I have to train differently to where unwanted fat has no choice but to burn to a crisp and putting my body through higher intense cardio. That's where sprinting comes in.

Its not easy but this is the fastest way to make this happen and little by little making better choices of food (I still eat a good amount of veggies & fruits) but I like sprints and its warmer out these days and see where it'll take me. Speed up and get cracking on those sprints brother, no more than 2-3 sessions a week.

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