Monday, May 18, 2015

Tradition Won't Always Help You Move Forward

Traditions are basically certain things people celebrate or do something that requires what happened in the past. There are holidays, anniversaries, birthdays, going to certain places, rituals, traditions involving old school mates and whatever else you can come up with. They are past tendencies that places people to have remembrance or utilizing certain concepts on the new generation. Don't get me wrong, I love certain traditions like Xmas, Halloween, my moments on the day I broke my legs, celebrating with friends and family and all that but I don't define myself having a tradition that is purely on someone else's.

Xmas is at least to me is a great time of year; forget about the horrifying shopping, the organizing of get togethers and having a mess of food to clean up, I see it as a time to be with the people you love whether it's with one person or a hundred and sharing the smiles and laughter plus giving to others. To me that's a great tradition, I'm not religious or go to church or anything like that and I don't see it to celebrate Jesus' B-day yet it's the last big celebration before new years start; the winter solstice and a time to share the light among a darker season. Some traditions do work I highly believe that but only some of the time, not all the time. If some of these traditions were perfect and nothing is balanced, it be boring or too mushy hell it may even make you want to say "screw this" at times. The one tradition I do believe in is not a holiday or a seasonal celebration or even a symbol of made up history; it's the tradition of basic and creative exercise and movement where you use the concepts of the old school teachers of the past (sounds like an oxymoron doesn't it?) and use them in the modern age where technology and anyone with the name "certified" trainer is written on someone's forged certificate runs rampant yet still give the knowledge that was passed down more than 100 years ago. Have a tradition but don't always rely on it.

You can't rely on your past exploits because if you do the same thing for too long and not grasp the concept of change then i'm sorry you're just fooling yourself. I'm not saying a holiday is celebrating the same thing every year, people have different ways to use general traditions that they've cooped up among themselves i'm all for that but on the other hand; if you can't accept change it's going to happen whether you like it or not. Some people want to break a tradition within their group, some die and aren't around anymore, others are tired of the same old boring stuff year after year or days whatever. The past has already happened, you can't expect the same things to go on that started in 1914 as oppose to now, it doesn't always work that way. In order to move forward you might need to break a few eggs, take a stand and do something that's worth while to you. You can still have your traditions but don't use the past to inspire you, use your imagination to make a twist and bringing old school and new school together and make it interesting. I come from a family that gets together for practically everything (at least they use to) and yet some of those traditions have become rather dull at times and they just do the same things over and over, some of it's positive and often times can be negative but there's no balance, no grasp of doing something a little different that can spice up the joint and it certainly doesn't help when you try to cram in 10-20 people in a small ass living room. Make a change, do something crazy (not hurting yourself type crazy), do things that excite you that gets their attention not to make it about you or them but because there's something worth doing that brings a new ideal way of making a tradition an adventure.

Develop your own traditions. Do something unique that only you or a group of you want to do and have fun with. A tradition for me is celebrating the day I broke my legs. It's fitting for me and since I celebrated my 10 year anniversary this past Friday on the 15th, I do it to not reflect of the bones that broke but how far I have come and doing something fun that gets my legs jumping and squatting and moving like a man possessed for adventure because 10 years ago I couldn't F*cking walk let alone jump and squat. Traditions are a piece of what's dear to you, don't always need to do someone else's traditions otherwise when are you going to come up with something on your own that truly means something. Make it your own or have family/friends do it with you because sometimes the same old things become just that and yet many people think it's magically going to have a breakthrough and all will be good as new, not gonna happen unless you do something different about it.

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