Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Channeling Your Freedom Of Movement

Since the rebirth of natural movement (or Functional Fitness in mainstream fitness) we have been told to just move. Practice the incredible elements of movement like jumping, crawling, swimming, squatting, rotating, swinging, climbing, balancing and more. Physically moving is a powerful idea but just moving isn't always enough. Nobody just moves on body rows or balances on a bosu ball; it has to come from within to make the movement more meaningful and more of a guide than just a technique. It's more than physical; it's spiritual, openness, passion and living.

Many people love being told what to do, hell they don't always they're being sucked into the powerlessness without blinking twice. How sad is that. You have more power in you than you believe to be. Being told what to do gives you "structure", a reason to do something and you don't question it because otherwise what the hell you gonna do? I defy that crap, I learn things that give me meaning and I lead by my own example not what some shmuck with a napoleon complex thinks he can order me on. I move and train by my own principles, my philosophy and my own style of learning. Want more power over others, do certain things for yourself, learn what you're passionate about and live it fiercely everyday of your life. It's not easy and it's not always simple but it gives you more of the character that brings out the best in you.

The passion in your movement says a lot about who you are as a person. How do you breathe, where do you want to move in space, what brings you that life giving experience of moving through all sorts of planes? I believe in many systems I have learned over the years, I may not always agree with the philosophy but that's the beauty of it; creating something for you that inspires what you want to learn and continue to grow. Channel that passion, the fire that drives you and move the way you were meant to. Want to be an animal? Move like Tarzan? Do Gymnastics? Be a hand balancer? Why not all of them? It's all about what you're passionate about and sharing it to spread inspiration and love of giving back so whoever is passionate about their endeavors never feel like they can't do it.

Live in your creativity. Take it to another level and open your mind that expands the universe because when you're short minded; you become limited and you only do only a few things. Expand it to where you see yourself getting better, making something harder, more complex and unique that it's a point where you are the very best in your own style. Imitating others is great but it's not enough to reach your full potential, you have to do things that only you can compile together and makes you stand out. Be creative and let your imagination blossom otherwise you'll just be another human being trying to fit in the crowd.
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