Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Awe Of Hand Balancing

As with most real training ideals, the cool stuff are fun to learn but difficult to master. Hand Balancing happens to be one of the most purest forms of Bodyweight Training that is difficult to master because of the ability to center your gravity in a relatively unknown format for most individuals. It's a skill and a very adventurous way to build the upper body in a very athletic fashion and do different moves and holds.

Many of the old-time physical culturists were hand balancers such as Bob Jones, Maxick, John Grimek, Doug Hepburn, Bert Asserati and others but unlike the majority of them; Bob Jones was the man among men of Hand Balancing, he can do things on his hands most would ever dream of and he did it in style too. Balancing on clubs, the way he'd get into a handstand and many other things. Even superheroes have gotten in on the act like Spider-man and such. If a hero had all these abilities why can't they be super athletic; i'm sure Batman can do Handstands, Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Fist and maybe others. Athleticism comes in all shapes and sizes but Handstands especially unassisted is one of the most beautiful feats ever performed period.

To really understand Hand Balancing is to learn your center of gravity; being able to balance in the right place with the right shift of the stabilizing muscles (mainly your Core) and flexing the muscles of the body in a specific fashion. Some have an arch in their handstand, some are more straight like a gymnast and others have their arms and/or feet widened to hit that base of leverage. The concentration needs to be in pure laser-like fashion otherwise you won't be able to handle the load. I have found that I could get into an unassisted handstand if I widen my arms and shoulders because of the thickness in my upper back and hold up decently using as straight legged as possible. I still have a lot to learn but at my size (5'10 255+ lbs.) it's amazing i'm able to hold it at all, just the other day I tried Unassisted Handstand Push-ups and managed several partial ones. Will be up soon on Youtube, you won't want to miss it.

Now as far as isometrics is concerned it is by far one of the most powerful forms of training there is on the planet, many different ways to do them but what do you believe is the ultimate Isometric? From my experience and practicing countless positions I'm convinced the Handstand Unassisted & Wall Variation is the greatest Isometric Exercise. People will have a different view based on their own knowledge and experience but you won't convince me otherwise, I don't care about the structure of the body or that it's blatantly impossible or whatever. If you're willing to learn and can build a solid base, make Hand Balancing part of your training, learn the fundamentals and do something most can't do or won't attempt to do.

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