Tuesday, April 14, 2015

You Must Choose Wisely

Remember that moment in Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade where if you chose the wrong chalice or cup something bad will happen? Of course you do. However it's tough to choose something where there is so much damn variety it becomes confusing. You never know what you'll end with, you can end up with something as glamorous and full of sparks and looking like an award winning Broadway but you may also choose something more simple and have the feeling of no more or less while you go for something with no hidden agendas or anything stabbing you in the back because it turns out to be something that just wasn't worth it. This happens pretty often in the world of fitness & exercise because although we have a great deal of options there's also that burden of picking the right things for you.

Picking certain things can be tough and can bring certain consequences like injuries, burn outs, soreness/tightness you don't want and doing something that could cost you your life; so in order to find the right type of training for you, you have to experiment with a few things. Sometimes you may not certain programs right away or something doesn't suit you so you move on to something else. Whatever makes you happy and gives you the greatest benefit in your journey, stick with those and you can't go wrong. If you like Hand Balancing; do cool stuff to learn about that and, if you like grip training you find ways to train that way, if you like lift heavy objects than who's stopping you from making that happen go lift heavy stuff. I'm more of training with an overall base where I pick and choose things that happen to be in my head and I run with it, if it's something i'm interested in than I go with it. Don't be so picky to the point where there's only these specific things but you can't get around to them very much, never put yourself through that.

The real aspect of finding the thing you are choosing to do is to make it a journey and utilize your will to learn and go with what's important to you. Choosing can be hard but it's not rocket science, you either like something or you don't it's that simple. Don't dread what you don't like, live within the things you do enjoy and it brings passion into your life because as you may have noticed, when we do things we don't like we tend to be slower a little unfocused and we resent the fact that what we don't like makes us feel worse than it should. Go with the journey, toss away what doesn't work and focus on the stuff that does. Nobody's perfect and things won't always turn out the way you thought they would but there's always something awesome to come along and the journey is just part of the fun if you lead yourself in that belief. How we think determines what our actions will so if you think excitement and fun, you're going to attract that; if you attract the opposite well you get the picture.

Make your own choices. What you choose to do something will always follow and it won't always be in your control. In the fitness world you have a million things to choose from but only the smallest fraction of that will end up working for you so be wise about what you're going to do and make it work for you, if you're not happy change it or do something else. Once it really hits you, you'll want that feeling all the time even if you do something different a little everyday because you never know what mood you'll be in or how long you'll want to do something. Be instinctive and be passionate about what you do. Don't focus on the hate, bring in the kick ass moments and shatter the goals you want to achieve because at the end of the day, we're just human finding and working towards the things that keep us living. So choose and choose wisely for as the true journey will bring you life but the false and hateful journey will take it from you.
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