Monday, April 13, 2015

Hitting Goals And Doing What You Love

Goals are like your own personal treasure, they're meant for you to have and have feeling that richness and have that feeling of taking the world by storm. You can share your treasure if you wish but it's important to realize it is yours and no one can take it away from you because you have an internal bond that just won't go away. You don't need to be greedy and brag about what you have achieved or won yet you can inspire others to go after their own treasure and seek out the adventures to get to them.

Achieving things is a very powerful entity. You don't always feel the need to lose weight or gain muscle or just be fit; it can be a business goal or working towards a certain amount of views that people have seen on your website where they can see your creativity and possibly buy stuff from you. My goal for this blog was really just to see if people would read it or have any inspiration to do something for themselves and just have fun with it. Turns out it became more than that, it spread throughout the world and has been seen in more than 30 countries on 5 contienents with a viewing total of 500,000+; that is insane and I'am so greatful that it made it that far, never expected it. Must be doing something right. Whatever goals you want to achieve, make it worth it to you and you only because nobody is going to set your goals for you, they're your adventures and your struggles. It creates a part of who you are and where you're willing to go.

Don't go after things you hate. Who the hell wants to achieve something that they didn't even want, it's not logical or ethical yet some people seem to do that on occasions. Go after things that are worth while, make a choice of what's important to go after and do everything in your power to achieve it that is productive, sustainable and it makes you happy. People will try to tear you down and tell you that what you're doing is stupid and you'll never do it; well they say that crap because they don't have the drive that you do and they'll only do things according to their standards. Don't be controlled on how you want to achieve a goal.

As I've said before, get the most out of what you want to do. If you don't achieve it the way you were meant to it's ok because the journey ends sometime and you never know where you'll end up. Some people have goals that last for years and as great as that is, there's no guarantees where you'll be at the end of it. It's the journey that comes into play far more than the outcome. Breathe and make your goal interesting and bringing new light to who you are because you could end up a totally dfferent person because you went through many different things, things that didn't have anything to do with your goal but they're apart of the journey. Live and go with the flow. Do what you love and use it in any way that works for you.

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