Thursday, April 16, 2015

Self Mastery And Its Significance

Everyone is unique in some form or another. We can't learn the same exact movements in the same exact form. Because of our structure and body to weight ratio it's important to modify the movement you are practicing no matter what it is. Some believe that people need to do the same movement at the same pace and have the same amount of time on it and that is very arrogent. You can't have a 15 year old kid do the same stuff as an 75 year old great grandfather, it's just unethical and can have dire consequences. Learn to use your body that is sustainable and achieveable on your own accord. It's one of the key things to developing self mastery.

Nobody learns a push-up the same exact way because not everyone has a good source of balance and arm strength. You can however break down the push-up into bits in order to become efficient in it like for example starting on the knees and holding yourself up in the up position. After a while you begin to progress to various areas and work on certain parts using whole body movements. Learn what you want to learn but be profecient and build yourself up. Sometimes you push yourself so hard you need to back off for a while, focus on something else. In Animal Flow, you learn the value of your movement whether you're a complete beginner or advanced veteran, overweight or shredded it doesn't matter. Learn according to your own pace and handeling your body by modifying what you need to.

There's no such thing as the one-all-be-all system because people have different levels of fitness that can't be processed the same way. In order to be at your very best, you need to develop your own style of training and it's only significant to you. There are people who do only bodyweight, some do the olympic lifts, others to animal exercises, do self resistance, people training around injuries and even there are those who have a Tarzan complex and just live the adventure of movement. Whatever it is you want to do go for it and make it work for you. Master your movements because they're interesting to you and not because someone out there said if you did this or that you're an idiot. At the end of the day we are still human that have things going on in our lives we don't always have control over. Developing your own system of training shows you what kind of person you are, how your personality is congruent with your level of exercise and it brings a new sense of individuality through the choices you wanted to make and what they have become because of it.

We all start somewhere and no matter what we do, there's someone else out in the world doing something far greater than we can achieve, nothing wrong with that. We have our own ways to progress to a level of difficulty; yet many people stick to the easiest things and never want to find out their true potential. I don't believe in what's always easy, I believe in what's interesting and seeing how far I can take it. I rarely have ever gotten injured doing what I do but I would never do anything I feel intuitively that can cause me major harm. I'm no daredevil or some crossfit junkie or a tootsie roll loving Planet Fitness groupie but I put myself into forms of training that helps take my imagination to another level and being creative and interested. I have taken some of the most boring exercises imaginable and turn them into cool moves and projected scenarios in my mind that shifted into action. Do things at your own pace; the significance of self mastery is doing what works for you and making it suitable to your personality & gives you that power of internal bliss in your soul. Most importantly is turning something that sucks into something that is playful and you making the best of it.

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