Monday, April 20, 2015

Amplify Your Energy

In all of us we have great power we don't always recognize or believe to be there. Some who think have it believe it to be the power of god in them, invisible energy source, the kabbala, supercharged resurgence of strength; I like to call it our universal power. It can be very scary from what isn't known or understandable so we do things to make ourselves not feel that fear or do what's easy for us. To tell you the truth, not everything in life is what it always seems. We don't always know what's going to happen whether internally or outside of us through our eyes, sense of smell and what we feel. How can we have so much strength in ourselves and yet it only lasts for a short period of time? What makes this power so great that we are forced to hold it in and let it out in extreme conditions? It's important to learn and answer these questions not from the most recent expert or the technical babble scientists tend to make and sure as hell isn't always coming from a guru or teacher but from ourselves.

The way to truly understand this concept is to leave what you may already think behind and learn how to bring your mind and body together and infusing them as if they were the same thing. The nature of our greatest power is to align our imagination with our movements. At first you may  be analyzing  the process of trying to figure out what goes where, you do this turn, move forward that way or over-thinking your movements. You're not alone, i've done it too. To practice with effeciency is to stop thinking so much and breathe, listen to the sounds in your imagination, feel the world inside of you and picture yourself living with unbelievable strength and speed; fire off as a jet that is flexible and mobile, feel as if you were a mighty god with a superhuman grip, be able to change into any wild animal and use your intense strength against your predators. Imagine anything you want, use it to heighten your senses and put them into action. Using the muscles needed for what you want, be in command of them as if you were the general and they were your soldiers that will follow you to the bitter end. Relax and breathe into your movements that can become more fluid, graceful but at the same time feel like inpenetrable armor that infuses your body with invincibility. Amplify your energy through your thoughts and putting it into the physicality.

With enough practice, you can make the choice to turn it on or off like flipping a switch. Use it whenever you need it and it'll be on your command. When you feel your strength turning on, you will get sensations and energetic vibes that is difficult to explain. Your movements will be greater, your body language will be understandable and the way you talk will have a profound impact. You won't just have great physical strength and crazy speed, it goes beyond that and it will change your entire outlook on life and physical training.

To go on another perspective, speed and strength are just the beginning. You will feel and sense things around you, harnessing your intuition and prompting your levels of your voice and the way you walk & talk. With practice, you can enhance your stamina for everyday activities and responsibilities you may have. Power is not always physical, it's actually more mental once you really get it. The mental is the key and the physical is the opening of the door. Take it one step at a time, don't learn it all at once, take little steps and don't rush it. Pace yourself and progress according to your level. Image the greatest version of yourself and live within the power you have achieved.

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