Wednesday, April 8, 2015

3 In 1 Exercise Tool For Everyone

There are three very awesome tools in the world of fitness that an be used for any sports training, conditioning, strength, endurance and many more. These three tools can take you to another level and bring you a world of power while burning fat, gaining muscle and jump up your growth hormone levels for a faster metabolism, recovery and cardio. The three tools are the kettlebell, the dumbbell & the medicine ball. However there are limitations to how you use the grip for these implements which I will get to in a second.

The grip is one of the most important aspects in the strength training world. If you can't grip your implement or a pull-up bar, it's going to be more dificult for you than it needs to be. With the three implements I just mentioned, the limitations are basically in the grip, it's the same grip every time even with the medicine ball; it's a great tool but it only had one standard grip so you can't really do what you would like to do. What if there was a way to do this and not spill out a bunch of money off your card and cash. Get something that gets you doing all the kinds of exercises you like to do and it implies all three implements in one tool that also makes you change your grip every time. I'm talking about the Sandbell; be able to snatch it like a kettlebell, row like a dumbbell, slam like a medicine ball and more with this bad boy.

When it comes down to it, there's got to be some things that are suitable to everyone, what I mean by that is not everything won't be equal because there are some things that are just too dangerous for some people and not everyone from a child's age should use a dumbbell or a kettlebell because they can hurt themselves from all the metal that can land on them, with the sandbell, its more padded and full of sand. It is a fun and effective way to exercise every muscle in the body and adults can get the heavier weights and the kids can have the much lighter weights. Toss it, flip it, play catch, slam it on your floor or on a mat, work your pinch grip by switching hands in the air, use it like a hammerthrow, kids can play catch the carrier; there are so many cool ways to use this. If you're an MMA fighter, you can use it for grip work, takedowns, suplexes for wrestling drills, squats for leg training, Core Work and other cool things. Whatever you feel you want to work on, a Sandbell can help you get there.

From the 8 year old hyper kid to the 65 year old prospect who wants to get in great shape and jump start their hormones for a longer life, strength building and cardio machine. These sandbells can be used by anyone and can be used in dozens upon dozens of ways. Make a game out of it, work on your conditioning for your specific sport, do one-legged movements, work on your snatch test (a 30lb. sandbell is tougher to snatch than a 53 lb. kettlebell), get a super powered grip for arm wrestling, a pinch grip people would fear and get a cardio workout in under 5 minutes. It is so useful and durable that you may even forget about metaled implements all together. Expand your horizons and grab the kind of weight you would like yo use, get one for your young one to play with; it has a strong leather that is very difficult to break so it won't snap on you so even if you slam it with tremendous force the odds of it tearing are in your favor. It is safe, protected padding and it doesn't make a mess or have the sound of metal echoing throughout your place. Take advantage of your fitness and own one or more of these bad boys. you won't regret it.

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