Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Utilizing Themes To Peak Interest

With the recent trailer put out for Batman V Superman which you can see here it's shaping up to be a new era in the world of film making, now that Marvel has dominated so far it's only fitting for DC to start catching up. Speaking of catching up, it's important you catch up on becoming awesomely fit and i'm not talking looking good for beach season i'm talking all year round and keeping yourself as fit as you can. Superheroes are all the rage these days in films and it's only been since the era comic books ruled the world that young boys and girls dream of becoming like their favorite superheroes. Becoming fit is not just something to shrug off for a month and getting only decent things out of it; it is a responsibility to the individual as a human being to be strong, agile and becoming something beyond your normal self. Being fit helps you in ways you can't always imagine. To children, their parents and/or a relative/guardian are the only people that really count on them, being fit is about being able to play and keep up with them, give them hope for a stronger life and teaching them life lessons. You are a child's hero whether you like it or not. Maybe you don't have kids but looking at fitness from another perspective helps you learn things about yourself and sometimes fighting to survive just like a superhero.

Let's face it, boring workouts suck...period. When you take a series of exercises and use this bland and extremely tedious idea to either push someone so damn hard or take them on a boring road explaining the jargon and having no personality behind it. Exercise is meant to push you to the next level but it doesn't have to be a punishment or someone yelling obscenities at you. You build a foundation and put forth the effort yet it's also important to make it feel like an adventure. Make a theme or game out of it so you can live out your imagination and expand your mind while taking little steps to the next level of progression. That's why I love the website Darebee; a fitness website dedicated to helping people get fit for free and have a kick ass personality behind it. They take these circuits and build a real fun theme out of them, not use stupid little girly names so us guys can feel like an idiot trying to break a world record doing a workout called Fran or whatever. It is not being sexist i'm just pointing out that there are some assholes who try to make you believe because you don't hold up to their standards you're inferior. That's where Darebee comes in, you have options to pick themed workouts people can relate to and feel like they can be open with their imagination; plus they have different levels that help you find your place and whether you're a complete beginner or a super fit veteran there is something for everyone, we all start somewhere and there are people who look for a challenge.

In order to get the best out of your training, you can't do the typical boring crap you see in the magazines and quite frankly it's pretty awful that those morons try to get people to do those workouts when clearly they're not ready for them. Go do something outside the norm, take the basics and turn them into something amazing. What would it be like for a woman to workout like their favorite superheroes like Wonder Woman, Black Canary, Black Widow and other female dominated characters; women want to feel empowered, know they do amount to something and that they can be strong and fit too. For guys come on who wouldn't want to feel like training in the ways of Batman, Superman, Arrow, Thor and other muscle built character? That just makes my blood rush when there's a cool way to feel out and get that adrenaline flowing doing a great circuit based on characters in comics, tv, fighting and sports. Spice it up and blast through a workout like it was meant for you to have and dominate.

Many people have responsibilities and obligations that require their attention but that shouldn't stop them from getting fit so they can feel a little ease; be able to run a little faster to get to somewhere, strength to carry groceries, swim with your kids, have the endurance to play with them for long periods of time, be ready for a date, get homework done, energized for the work day and because of the short time it takes for these workouts, you can be in this blissful state of happiness and endorphins kicking in for the rest of your day. Do your training before work or before going to bed, you have options and workouts like these will help you in the long run. Be able to train anywhere when it's convenient for you and not spend so much time on it. Your training sessions can range anywhere from 5-30 minutes long. Use them for traveling and can be used in a hotel room, at the park, there's even a workout called The Super X workout for those who are in wheelchairs. Be able to compromise your time without stressing over it. The levels of progression is through sets of exercises back to back...LVL 1 is three sets of a circuit, LVL 2 is five sets of a circuit and LVL 3 is seven sets of a circuit; if you're really ambitious and want to take it to that bad ass level go ten sets of a circuit. Train at your own pace and make it interesting for you, if you can't hit a certain level yet that's ok you're still doing something and it will come in time. People love themes especially if it shows their inner love for characters growing up and fantasized about. Make it work for you and bring your A game to another level doing something awesome and fun plus a challenge to keep things interesting.

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