Friday, February 27, 2015

Gymnastics For Non Gymnasts

    Sounds like a contradiction don't you think? Isn't Gymnastics specifically for athletes in that sport? Not always because Gymnastics before it was a competitive sport was entitled for those who wanted to become efficient in movement and skills that required practical strength and agility. It is the style of Calisthenics at another level of athleticism but not everyone has to be a gymnast in order to benefit from this. Some of the old-time strongmen were masters over their own body in such as ways as Hand Balancing, Acrobatics, Ring Work, Climbing and other styles of natural movement. The way I'm to let you learn is how to master your bodyweight not like a competitive gymnast but something you can do when done correctly can be used throughout your later years without the nagging injuries or age-speeding process those in the competitive field experience.


    Anyone with a brain can move some sort of weight around and be able to pick on things quicker than trying to master your bodyweight. A military press is far easier to learn and master than a Handstand, Pull-Downs are so freaking easy a 5 year old can manage it but how many can master the Rings; trust me I firmly believe I'm one of the heaviest men around to actually train the Rings and I'm telling you it's way harder than it looks. Just to stabilize and flex every muscle in the body just hold a steady pull-up let alone those insane skills like the Muscle-Up or Iron Cross. This isn't some Crossfit exercise to mess around with on "Fran Day" the real skills don't involve kipping or breaking your shoulder just to do little witty dips, it takes full on concentration with the muscles in proper alignment and control to make even the most basic moves look insane. Mastery over your own body is a difficult but fun task if you apply yourself with the right mindset. Being able to balance yourself in certain positions are crazy feats of strength within themselves and not just making a couple moves but a whole sequence that you can create on the floor, the rings and the Parallette Bars.


    When you practice these moves to create a new skill set or a new level of different skills performed you can develop sequences of movements that are not only bad ass but help you build muscle and burn fat like nothing else on the planet. Sprints may be the ultimate fat burner but bodyweight movements especially as close to Gymnastics without the hours of training as you can get are the most difficult strength feats known to man. These moves can have a profound effect on your psyche even in the beginning stages; think how cool it would be to have ninja-like moves, hold a Handstand with ease, doing incredible skills on the rings and move through the air with such strength and grace. Be able to switch from one move to the other in the blink of an eye, impress your friends with skills they never dreamed of and take on a creative plethora of skills that help you feel young and vibrant as if you were playing.


    These are in no shape or form isolated movements like tricep kickbacks or building an upper chest with leg extension machine; these are full body movements that require you to develop laser-like focus on the muscle control of your movements. Your Core will be tested to stabilize every muscle in your system and you will need to learn how to keep the body as straight as possible in many movements but for the most part you'll learn to jump, squat and press/pull with precise technique that will take you to new progression levels as you get better. Have some fun and learn great moves that work every muscle and do so with crazy strength and agility it'll being that awe dropping athleticism you were meant to have.

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