Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Best Of Neila Rey Workouts

    In the near 2 decades of being in fitness; I have seen and participated in some of the most basic, torturous, easy, defying and most hardcore training systems around. With my fair share from doing and observing there are those little moments that peak out at you and a light turns on. The light recently has been on Neila Rey Workouts made by an English fitness instructor with a touch of a geeky side that just brings a whole other meaning to the term Circuit Training. She and others work around the clock day and night to come up with workouts that range from beginner to super athlete and all of them have something that is useful, simple and worthy to be apart of the fitness community. It is free in every sense of the word and the only thing keeping it going is donations. These workouts aren't just another scheme to raddle people in but in fact have something for everyone and anybody has a chance to use these workouts how they see fit.


    Neila Rey is a beautiful and very fit woman with a passion for fitness. Not too many fit girls I know of have a real geeky side to them which makes her quest that much more awesome. We all have a bit of a geek in us, it's part of our personality and we all strive to feel accepted for that part of ourselves. I have seen many other sites put on workouts based on certain themes like Superheroes but this woman just towers over these guys with a vengeance and not only has workouts based on superheroes but based in movies, anime, fairy tales, Zombies, Martial Arts, Yoga, running, military and god knows what else and she does all of this just to share it for free which takes a lot of balls and a hell of a heart many don't have these days. When you can make a workout based on a cartoon or a dr. who show it has geek written all over it and I'm honored to be apart of it.


    With the Superhero Theme as a favorite I must say some of them are not that easy but doable once you get the hang of it but be prepared to sweat and get your ass kicked. So far my favorite Superhero Workout is between Batman & The Flash, tough and no curve balls thrown. Just nine exercises one after the other and take a load off for a couple minutes before repeating the circuit. Her way of understanding a level of fitness and the way she tests people is just that; certain levels that determine your condition the biggest tests being that if you can reach Level 1 that's 3 circuits you're at the first part of being in condition; the second level that's 5 circuits you have reached a difficult level but once you hit level 3 which is 7 circuits you're at the top of the food chain of that workout. Some workouts have reduced number of exercises like say at 4 you can go as high as 15 rounds. Others have you doing a maximum of ten circuits that don't go by levels but by your own challenge to reach that high. There are really cool workout themes in there like Superman, Black Widow, Spiderman, Thor, Hulk, Wonder Woman and even Deadpool (plan on taking that on in the not so distant future) so you're basically getting a great workout in that's challenging and fun that tests cardio, strength, flexibility, speed and balance. It is a great idea to have indeed.


    The exercises in these workouts are very basic and not too difficult to get right away but if you added an element that is challenging and a run for your money, she has turned these basic exercises into some of the most advanced workouts I've ever seen. I once went after the Batman Workout and started dying after 3 circuits and I'm a well-conditioned guy so never underestimate these things, it will bite you in the ass if you do. Want to get in great shape for everyday life, these are awesome to start with and beyond. Now I'm not saying these are the end-all-be-all you know me better than that; seriously if you have read any of these near 700 articles you know I never once said "This is the workout, everything else sucks" so with that in mind, these are great ideas you can use to aid in your current training or want to take a break and do something that doesn't take a lot of time, can help maintain your cardio and strength and maybe lose a little weight and put on some good muscle in the meantime. The majority of these workouts are bodyweight exercises so they can be done practically anywhere so you don't have an excuse for not being able to train somewhere. There are extreme few exercises that use weights but you can modify them to kettlebells, cables and others. Some of them do require a bar to do pull-ups or a place to do step ups but for the most part all you really need is the floor and that's it. This was my workout yesterday called the Ninja Workout; worked up a bit of a sweat and was doing exercises I don't normally do like planks, kicking and punching, made it to Level 3 relatively smoothly and felt awesome. Going after The Fireman Workout later today and substituting my 26 lbs. sledgehammer for boxes to lift and using my stairs as step ups. Check them out and see something to try on, there's a theme out there for just about everyone from the Star Wars fan to even Conan The Barbarian.



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