Monday, February 2, 2015

Basic Conditioning To Awesomeness

    Whenever people think of what conditioning is, in reality it's not just being in shape at that very moment; it is a lifelong journey. Sure certain athletes or someone with specific goals to get want to get in the best condition as possible for a period of time but the real aspects of it is not to just be in shape for a period but to keep a hold on it even as you age. Even at 70 or 80 a person can be in incredible and awesome condition it has been proven and it leaves a lasting mark on that person's will to keep going for so long. You may not be in the same shape when you were younger and why would you be? However, if you can stay consistent and making certain changes with a progressive system you can even be stronger at a later age. I'm on the verge of my early 30's which is not that old compared to some people but I have become far stronger and more conditioned now than I ever was in my 20's and I believe in that no matter what age I'll be at in the future, I'll be even stronger and in better shape.


    What defines a basic level of conditioning? Some say you have to able to run this many miles, do this many push-ups, that many pull-ups and be able to lift your bodyweight on specific lifts. Well let me put it to you this way, there's a number of ways that has you at a basic level but it is undetermined because there's no general outlook, a fighter isn't in the same condition as a firemen or a baseball player in the same realm of a bodybuilder. My way of looking at a basic level of conditioning is that if you can handle stress and exercise at a level that is above the average of a normal person that's pretty basic in most cases but I could be wrong so don't take my word for it; however, that doesn't mean you can do the same things as others. I'm in pretty good shape especially as a heavyweight more than the average man but even those who aren't in good as condition as me can do things I can't fathom because they have different leverages and structure than I do.


    Wrestling is the toughest sport known to man period. It takes conditioning to a level very few really know of and I'm not talking WWE stuff that's the entertaining side of it, the physical conditioning however is mere ballistic and inhuman once you really hit the surface. If you were to get in condition not exactly like a wrestler but the inspiration behind it because at its peak, it makes a normal person cringe with fear with the way conditioning is done. I'm not talking about wrestling specific workouts, I'm pointing out that with a mentality like a wrestler, you can reach levels of fitness that makes the average person run for the hills, that's the sign of true conditioning. Whether you do 500 push-ups or a 500 pound squat, both have insane strength. If you can generate a well-rounded program that you can use for yourself that has a progressive ideal, you are well on your way to being in incredible shape.


    There's no real way to look how high your conditioning goes but I will say this; whatever level you're at there's someone who will be a tad higher than you and there's nothing to be ashamed of, at the same time because we are different, there are elements of that person's condition that you are better at. If you want numbers of what top level conditioning is Here my take on it but this is not facts but opinion:


500 Push-ups
1000 Squats
9-10 exercises in a circuit for 10 rounds non stop
Carrying your bodyweight for 100 feet
Running 10 miles
10,000 punches in a boxing workout
300 Burpees
300 Kettlebell Snatches in 10 min.
1000 Strikes with a 20 lb. Sledgehammer in 25 min. or less.
Swim 5 miles


    All of these possess a very high level of conditioning but these are just things that I have read and observed so they are not my standards they are in the general area. How you level up in your conditioning is up to you. Any one of us can be in great shape within a reasonable level of health to have a high peak of condition that towers over the average person. There's no one way to be in condition, even at specific sports the conditioning is different and you can't master every single shred of standardized conditioning because it's not ethical or logical but you can be at a high level that is well rounded and it can carry over to the things you need to do for your life like being able to keep up with children, carry groceries, be able to push a heavy cart for quite a period of time, moving furniture, chase down a running suspect, run up flights of stairs to save someone's life, swim out to save a drowning person, not fatigue in a fight, climb a ladder and something like being able to pull yourself up. These are all the things you can do if you're in good condition. Being in condition has great perks and you'll know when to use it and it'll turn on when you don't expect it when it comes to a certain situation. These things are the essence of Awesome Conditioning.

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