Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sprint Like A Madman

    When it comes down to fat burning, speed is the dominant factor next to strength and power. People believe that in order to get into that fat burning zone they need an hour of cardio and possibly another hour of weights when in fact one simple method makes nearly everything like a cakewalk and that's Sprinting. Imagine having a lean and strong muscular body that can burn off calories like a furnace, accelerate your metabolism like lightspeed and give unwanted fat a boot to the ass faster than you can say "A monkey's uncle." Think for a moment if one burst for 8-30 seconds and then rest for up to as much as 5 minutes and repeat that about 5-7 times up to no more than 10 and be able to burn off fat more than doing 1 hour of cardio would you want that? There's no magic pill for a quick fix but if anything came remotely close it's a Sprint Training


    We have become an overweight and uneducated society and we have been fed lie after lie in infomercials, magazines, corporate fitness hacks and marketing gimmicks that promise you a greek body in an extremely short amount of time and don't get me started on that Biggest Loser crap it's complete bullshit and it's not what real fitness is. When it comes down to it, the best sculpted and athletically muscular athletes are Gymnasts and Sprinters because they have to utilize every single muscle in the things they do, sprinters utilize the arms just as hard as the legs and if you ever watched Usain Bolt or Michael Johnson you'll know why. Some people can put on muscle more than others and I get that, I'm no fitness model myself but when I'm on a sprinting binge for a several months things change rapidly and I notice way more definition in my musculature than when I do other forms of training. What would it be like to you if you can sleep better at night, engage more growth hormone without taking a single drug, have nearly the type of muscle you had in your younger years, less prone to injury and have a firing lung capacity that would make marathon runners blush? Look far younger and be able to eat nearly whatever you want, I may be younger than most of you guys but even at 30 coming into 31 this July; I still have people tell me I look younger than 21, it's fun to get carded at casinos nowadays. Want to know one of my secrets (besides having that baby face), it's being able to be on a program that takes even less time to get to the gym and hammer out that raw power and feeling like the Flash.


    With all forms of exercise, technique is just as important as the workout itself but yet if you're being chased down by a bear or having to run down a suspect hell even race to save someone's life, technique is the last thing on your mind. Your imagination however can speed up the process (pun intended) along with trained technique can make you unstoppable and putting those weak ass pizza loving bums at Planet Fitness or any gym of that caliber to shame. Picture yourself as your favorite superhero with blazing speed like Superman, the Flash, Quicksilver even someone as fast as Blade; when you open up your mind and focus on something that charges your body and brings everything into motion you can add your speeding power by three fold. I'm not going to lie it takes effort and it's tough training plus you're going to be huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf out of breath from trying to blow down the brick house. Never be tense as you sprint, to be as relaxed as you can but use the muscles needed for that burst.


    The best part about this type of training is that you can do it for up to 1 hour for the entire week and that's only doing up to 3 workouts in that week total, 20 minutes per workout and the majority of that time is resting. If you have hills, even better because of you fighting gravity and having to push even further and the most you need to go up is 60-70 yards. You can do it at a track or a field near your house. I do my sprints at a field which has two baseball diamonds and a long stretch of grass, before I moved from a few miles, I ran at this little park that stretched about 55 yards. Don't go at your maximum the first time around, I know it's exciting to do and believe me I've been there but you need to set a base of progressions. If you're totally new to sprinting or haven't done it in a while start with 4-5 bursts and build up to ten per workout so for maximum benefit 30 bursts a week is best. Look into it, make sure you keep your joints and muscles warmed up because sprints can be brutal if you don't have supple and flexible joints trust me it's happened to me a time or two but believe when I say this, sprinting is far safer than jogging 10 miles because over time taxing the joints in the ankles, shins and calves can lead to injuries as oppose to sprints that have a few bursts that can increase the strength in the joints because they need to jump start more than usual and it brings another element to tendon power.

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