Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Evolution Of Fingertip Training Is Here

    We sometimes underestimate the power and strength our hands are. We need for a great deal of things like building, climbing, fixing things, folding papers, using specific tools and countless others so when we don't have the strength to use our hands for like a job or something you don't get paid. Yet when we don't realize the strength we need and have it's also sad that the tendons and ligaments aren't as strong as they should be. I've said it before, anybody can build a substantial amount of muscle no matter how small or big but it's the tendons that make the biggest difference and when they're not strong, the chances of an injury are greater. Our hands are more than meets the eye; the touch, the energy and electrical surge throughout our nerves is something most of us forget we have.


    I have read many courses in the near 18 years in the fitness field but nothing is as thorough and in your face as the brain child of Matti Marzel's Ferocious Fingertip Course. He's got this incredible and unique mind to tell you bit by bit about the fingers in a way that is so unique it ought to be just for pro athletes who want that competitive edge but yet he wants to share his style and secrets with anyone who wants to learn. I have corresponded with Matti off and on for nearly 4 years and in that time, I learned a ton from him. He's the type of guy that doesn't hold back on anything, he'll tell you off even if it isn't necessary but at the same time, once you see what he represents under the surface it takes a special person just to even understand him at times. However, he is one of the most eager athletes I know that truly has a heart for Physical Culture and wants to do as much as possible and make things happen. He is the spark plug of a new age in Physical Culture and without question he is pound for pound one of the strongest dudes on this planet bar none, I'm shocked Stan Lee's Superhumans didn't catch up with him because his character alone is just as crazy as his strength.


    He has some incredible energy and his intensity is just out there and I mean that in a positive way but all of that is just as insane as his course. This course is practically an encyclopedia of developing strength and conditioning using the fingers in more ways than you can imagine. From Push-ups to Levers, Handstands to Pull-ups, Tucks, Hanging, One-Arm Holds, Feats Of Strength and a whole mess more in this monstrous saga of Fingertip Training. He uses some awesome references in this bad boy that take on a life of it's own. Being influenced by many people and sources in Pop Culture like Bruce Lee, Jack Lalanne, Bud Jeffries, Dragonball Z, Rock Climbers, Shaolin Monks and much more. No one has taken on Fingertip Strength quite like Matti. In my opinion, if you want to get the best out of your fitness through the use of your fingers down to the very bone in the modern era, this course will do it guaranteed.


    If there is one thing I know for sure especially after learning about fingertip conditioning, you will never look at physical training the same way again. This course can be useful for many athletes and those who want to take it to another level in their training. If you're a baseball player, think of the strength in your swing you can have if you trained the tendons in your lower arm, pitching with hands that are nerves of steel and throwing with even more velocity to get the runner out. If you're a grappler, your fingers will be so freaking strong you'll be tossing guys just using your trigger finger. Into Strength Feats? Think of the power in your tendons to rip phonebooks easier, tear decks of cards in split seconds and bending steel as easy as a clothing hanger. What about being a Firefighter, you need strong hands to handle a hose, strong body to carry another person to safety and definitely need that grip agility to climb those long ladders. Rock Climbers have by far the strongest fingers of any athlete so if you added even remotely a fraction of this course to aid in your rock climbing you'll be even stronger and with that strength I'd be afraid to shake that person's hand man or woman. I encourage you to learn about this course when it's in full fruition and channel your energy into the very core of your hands as you will learn the value of hand strength like never before.

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