Monday, February 9, 2015

Physical Spirituality

    We all seek something within us that brings us peacefulness, love and something to treasure in our lives. Some turn to religion, some hit rock bottom and have crawled back up to find what is truly strong within them and others have a way of making themselves feel alive in some form; for me it's physical training and moving through various planes of motion whether it's bodyweight, moving rocks, swinging the mace or going after a tough circuit. Most people exercise to look better, lose weight and gain strength but they forget what they're doing for themselves within. To truly find the power of your exercise, you can't have the same routine or fiddle some shmucks marketing gimmick; it's doing something a little different, thinking outside the box, following your intuition and enlighten yourself with your creative endeavor. How you get creative is up to you but the best you thing you can learn is to value and subdue yourself in your imagination.


    The facets of the Mind/Muscle connection is not just melting the two together but finding a powerful way to utilize the two as if they were the same thing even though one's physical and one's mental. Think into your body as your train and never force something that isn't going to work, find that flow that brings you to a higher level of strength without needing to add unwanted tension. There's a difference between relaxed and loose; being relaxed is when you flow through nearly effortlessly using the muscles needed when applied, loose is when you put no effort into the muscles and moving like the blob. When you think into your muscles and your tendons you're opening up a door you've never in before and it brings a new realm of possibilities. It's better to be relaxed as you exercise rather than being a complete noodle and bringing tension that can lead to injuries.


    I'm a spiritual person in the sense where I believe in having a higher sense of being and utilizing what works for me to gain strength both from the inside and outside. Some say spiritual means religious and they're totally different, I'm a free spirit and share my passion. Nobody is forced to read my stuff, I don't care what color your skin is and I certainly don't care whether Jesus is your lord and savior or not, I believe in others and helping them find their passion. I get high off physical activity not drugs or drinking or partying and when I do what makes me happy, I gain energy within myself and it makes me confident and spiritually powerful; I don't know how else to describe it. Most who exercise don't always feel enlightened because they're so distracted from watching TV on the treadmill or fiddling their ipads while they wait for their next set of the bench press and there is definitely no enlightenment when some chick tries to show off her ass while she squats so some jackass notices her. There is beauty in true enlightenment when you are focused on what's important in that moment as you train, you aren't there to gain a BFF or try to do the same type of workout the guy next to you does; you're there to build your body and play around with your favorite exercises that is going help you achieve your goals. When I'm in the gym on that extremely rare occasion, I do what I need to do and walk out of there strong and empowered, not to chit chat about the damn weather to some roided freak with a Narcissist complex or share thoughts about my long lost cousin that I found living in Sheboygan; if I feel the need to talk, I ask questions about training and get ideas on what I can do to be better. I find what it takes to feel great, have a blast and have fun as I train. That's what it really is about.


    Finding that connection through your training and your mental strength is to see it, embody it and use it to live your life with fondness, being happy and taking action for what you want to do while having a good level of discipline at the same time. There is a stronger version inside everyone one of us and it's up to you to find that stronger version of yourself. Sure we all have different types of responsibilities and having a hectic life especially if you got kids and a marriage and having to deal with jobs and making sure you got food to eat but with all that even, you can still find that spiritual connection within yourself and there is no excuse for that. Do what you can to make yourself happy, you can't please everyone and certainly can't say to every damn thing but at the end of the day whether it's 5 minutes or 1 hour, devote time to who you are and set your goals little by little even by the smallest fraction. Gain enlightenment in your own way, mine just happens to be through physical training hence the term Physical Spirituality.

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