Friday, February 6, 2015

Sometimes You Just Have To Back Off

    For a little over a week now I've practically dived into some crazy circuit workouts from Neila Rey and have smashed through most of them hitting their Level 3 objectives. As I'm going through the Batman Workout, I felt good but something didn't seem right, it wasn't pain or anything physically debilitating but around half way into my 4th round of the circuit I just felt the need to stop because in one simple moment I felt completely burned out and needed to stop. I rarely ever stop right in the middle of a workout when I'm nearly half way into it but yet intuitively and listening to my body I was just done. That's the thing with me, I have a strong intuition an extreme few really know about and know my true side to things. It has become my rock and my understanding of awareness within not just my surroundings but my internal instincts. I have used it more than just physical exercise but also used it to pick up on things, not like a psychic or anything like that just have a bit of universal instinct to get certain things right away or see something and know exactly where I've seen it before. When you have that particular thing about you, don't ever ignore it, it can be your greatest ally in your life.


    Since I had the need to back off and do something else like just moving and utilizing the Animal Flow type movements just to feel like I really accomplished something is my intuition guiding me and letting me know it's ok. I really wanted to do that workout and I felt like I let myself down but looking at it from how my instincts hit and telling me to let it go it felt really good. Sometimes you just need to back off, regroup and take in a deep breath. I'm not superhuman or have the speed of the flash or the strength of superman, I'm only human and my mind and body just needed to notify me. Make the best of things and when you're ready to come back, do it with a vengeance because you're coming in stronger and more focused than ever.


    It does get to me when I can't train the way I want to sometimes but I can't dwell on it because I know in my deepest level of my heart and soul there is a way to turn things around and move on. Some people just push so hard they don't realize what they're doing to themselves until it's too late. I have known strongmen who needed to back off even for just a day to regroup because like in the middle of a performance something just doesn't seem right but they do the best to their abilities to finish what they can; let's face it if you tear something in your arm or in your leg unless you're on adrenaline or have the understanding of blocking that "governor" you're not going to be at your best for your next feat, it happens. What you do is take a deep breath, realize you need to focus on something else and deal with it. You will be at your best the next time around and it will be better than you expected. Happens to me at times and plenty of people I know because if you slip up when you're not at your best there can be serious consequences.


    Take it in stride and understand that once you know you're ready to come back, things will feel differently and you'll do even greater than before. I knew if I kept going on fumes, eventually I might've ended up possibly passing out, get injured or worse end up in the hospital so I understood what my instincts were telling me. Right now I'm still feeling the effects of that workout, the workout wasn't even that difficult, I've belted through tougher workouts than that in my sleep (slight exaggeration) but if my body was shutting down that early in the game I needed to take notice and deal with it by stopping and taking care of myself; drinking water, breathing deeply and walk it off. Sure it sucked because I was really into it but I don't settle for less than being at my best, if I'm off by a mere percentage say 15% than it's not worth it to me to keep pushing that hard. When I push hard and I can still go as hard as when I started that's when it's worth it but not if I end up passing out or doing something I'll regret. I know I'll be ready next time around and make sure my recovery is at its priority. So when you train and you feel mad at yourself because you couldn't finish, wise up and know that you did what you could and focus getting back to being at your best. Many people quit for a long time because of that one moment where they just couldn't do it anymore; they push themselves so hard that once they run on fumes it's going to be just as strong when in fact if you're not as strong as you went in something's up and you need to deal with it and not act like that's it and be done forever, it's a little setback. Challenge yourself but at the same time, take care of yourself and do what you need to do to get back at it stronger and more enduring the last time. Be hungry but also be aware and listen.
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