Friday, February 20, 2015

Realistic Superhero Training

    You have to realize by now that most of the workouts in the muscle magazines that promise the same results that actors have used for Superhero Films is complete bullshit. First off, 99.9% of those workouts are not only unrealistic but are also dangerous and are not for a beginner. You have to remember that these A-List stars pay a shit load of money to have people cater to them and you need to realize they spend far more time training than they want you to believe. What should look like a less than hour workout really is a 3 hour slugfest to get in shape extremely fast and to speed it up, some of these actors even take certain "boosts" to get there even quicker, believe if you were getting paid 10-20 million per movie and they needed you to be shredded in less than 3 months what would you do?


    Talking about being sold a bill of goods, the mad truth with Hollywood Vs. Real Life is staggering. If you got a full time job, raising a family, paying a mortgage and you need to commute to that job, you'd be lucky to get in an hour of training maybe 45 min. at best. Hollywood is based on one thing really and that's the moolah, if you're a rich actor and are up for a role plus they want you in incredible shape, training while filming becomes your whole life for 6 months or whenever the amount of time shooting and this includes interviews, training a minimum 3 hours a day being on a super strict diet that would make the average person scream bloody murder. So it would be easy to sell to the masses what these actors are doing to get in shape for these roles, granted I'm a huge fan of these guys and the superheroes they portray are bad ass to the bone but I realize there's more going on and I wasn't born yesterday. They do put in some serious effort I'll give them that and I admire they want to share or their trainer likes to share with the public but that's the tip of a massive mountain they're not showing you and why would they? In the real world, people have other things going on and in order to get what you want out of your training, you make the time and use it when you can whether it's 10 min. or an hour if you have that window, take it.


    There's always going to be these marketing ploys about shedding this amount of pounds in 10 weeks or being able to look like Captain America in the first month but realistically, your results will come in when they're supposed to. We all have different body structures and we all need to customize what works best for us because you can't expect the average shmuck to do the same exact routines as Wolverine done to the very tempo because there is a chance it could kill him. Results are based on what the effort proceeds in the outcome of that training. You may not be ripped inside of 6 weeks but your body will change if you understand the principles of a well-rounded system that gives you the time you need and what you bring to the table as far as effort is concerned; if you do too much, your body's going to respond by showing you certain problems within your muscles and your Central Nervous System. If you do too little, you're not putting in the right amount of intensity your body can withstand and your body is left with the same shit when you started. If you find that balance and you strategize it to work around your needs and goals, your results will come when they're supposed to. Starting to get it?


    As you may have read I'm going through a training system that consists of workouts that are to be done 3x a week that allows me to use the amount of intensity and rest I need to get the job done. I have tuned it to my liking and within the first couple workouts I'm already seeing small changes in my body and I haven't been injured, burnt out or bored. It involves sprinting and circuit training. Normally I don't associate myself with circuits even without adding sprints into the mix but the way I have strategized it, it seems to be working and I'm getting what I want out of it. Superhero Sprints takes the glamorous Hollywood bullshit out of the equation and pits you into a system that is fast, quick and can be done anywhere; yes Sprints can be done indoors, you'd be running in place for 30-60 seconds but if you're out on the field or track, 30 seconds is the highest you only need to Sprint. Sprints jump start the nervous system and make everything in your body surge with incredible power that burns fat, puts on muscle and increases growth hormone which helps you stay young, vibrant and pump your heart and lungs full of strength and blood that in riches the fluidity within your muscular system. It has been said that with a Sprinting Program 3x week you'll be jumping up Human Growth Hormone as high as 500%, that's 10 times more than the leading injections athletes and actors use. So if you really want to change your physique naturally and with a strategized training program with a realistic food composition go with a Sprinting program. Would you really rather train on a treadmill for an hour and then go "lift" for another 45 min.? Didn't think so, you will only need maybe an hour or less a week and get even better results without the wear and tear on your joints or ligaments. Keep track and keep yourself flexible and supple, it goes a long way to getting the results you've always dreamed of.


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