Monday, February 23, 2015

What Makes Me Push That Extra Mile?

    We all have experiences where certain things give us a perspective of what happens in our lives. In my experiences they've been tough, hard and had their moments where I was happy as a clam but it's no fun when you're called certain names because of what you look like or being told you'll never be able to do this or that and it's certainly not fun when you get your ass kicked by some people. I won't say I had troubled childhood because I didn't but I have seen things up close that nobody should go through, feeling like a nobody or being picked on for being fat. For the most part I was happy in many areas, got to go to different houses and play, be around friends and family and get to go certain places like Disneyland or South Lake Tahoe hell even Vegas but there also times where my life felt empty and I was going through so many things in certain times of my life. I went through hell after I broke my legs and not being able to walk, I got beat up a couple times, I even had an experience where Thanksgiving became the very least holiday I look forward to; I got depressed because at one time I had nowhere to go and people I trusted didn't even bother to help me and I hated it for the longest time. You're probably wondering what the hell do these things even remotely have to do with fitness? I'm getting to that in a bit. This isn't about confessing sins or have people feel pity, I just want to be honest and upfront with you.


    Whenever something peaks my interest, no matter what it is I tend to push things far greater than I expect myself to do and some people in my life never understood why I take things a step further. When something doesn't interest me and I have no reason to put my heart and soul into it yet being forced to do it either by someone or myself it has never gone well and I have come to accept that. Some people in my life look at what I do and make themselves believe and even going out of their way to tell me that what I do is just a hobby, something to pass the time and should do something that is contributing according to their philosophy and ideals of what contributing is. I'm going to say this without any hesitation because it's worth it to me to say; being told what I do is a hobby is an insult and offensive to me because they have no clue what I have put myself through to get where I'am today. I'm not a professional athlete, I never won an MVP or being called a team player hell I never even made it to a competition in anything except in High School but I will tell you this; I rehabbed all on my own, I became literally passionate and driven to better myself in many ways and even helped others along the way, what I do is far beyond a hobby; it is my livelihood and every drop of sweat, every drop of blood and every single exercise and workout I took on became a part of my soul to dominate in everything I chose to be great at. It's my passion to do this, I was destined to be the very best I can be in this field because it wasn't just an interest it's my entire being down to the very Core of my individuality physically, emotionally, spiritually and even Psychological. Whoever tries to tell me what I do is a hobby doesn't know one (excuse my language) fucking clue how wrong that statement is and that it makes them even weaker because they don't know what real passion is.


    I haven't taken a day off in nearly a decade because I'm never satisfied. I'm always hungry for the new adventure that awaits me in my training. Everyday I'm in constant battle to do even a couple moves for a few minutes but in the end, I always go with my intuition and feel out what I'm going to do. I get asked every now and then why I don't take a day off and or how do I go at it every single day without getting hurt or not "recover" when I'm supposed to. First off; the reason why I don't take a day off is because I love it so much and it brings me more joy and challenge to my life than anything I've experienced. I have been hurt a few times but never to the point where I can't do something, I get creative and do something that challenges me of something soft and ever flowing; my recovery is a mystery even to me but I firmly believe because I don't take it to the brink of complete over consuming of my nervous system where my organs and bones are at risk and I pay attention to how my body reacts and heals itself. I don't go hardcore everyday but I never settle doing something completely crazy or shedding something lighter and putting a smaller touch on something I can do. It's a journey and I continue to walk in the path of my very own road.


    I push myself in ways that would freak out the average person and I do it not to prove I'm the strongest, the biggest, the fastest or a good writer; I do it because I don't want to live my life being average and doing the same thing everyone else is doing. I wish to be different because I'am different. I want to do things that scare the living hell out of others not to the extreme but beyond a level they would never understand. I want to be the very best at something that gives me respect I have never earned before. I push myself because I want to say that I'm proud to have done things I never thought I could do and that when it really matters to me, I make it my mission come hell or high water to make it happen. It is my duty to write, to help and challenge myself to lengths that only I can reach and more no one else has my passion or my will to go that extra mile. When you're passionate about something, you hold onto it like your life depended on it and you never let it go otherwise you'll let others walk all over you and you'll never learn to get back up. It's a battle worth fighting for and when it helps you bring real happiness in your life, nothing is more beautiful and loving than having a passion for something.

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