Thursday, February 26, 2015

Power Of The Jungle

    It is a known fact that the more muscles you use in a given movement the more muscle is developed. We as humans can practically adapt to nearly anything within the right mindset and the right amount of logic and environment. You don't see Gorillas in the Squat Rack, you don't see a Cheetah running on a treadmill and you certainly don't see a Cricket doing the bench press. It takes a lot of strength to move in a fast way because in order to work the movement, your core needs to strong and need a good solid base within the arms and legs. We will never be strong or as fast as a wild animal (maybe not even Tarzan for that matter) but we can have an upkeep on our levels of realistic and functional fitness based on the animals we all love, admire and fear.


    Breaking through the "Human Exercise" concept is a physically philosophical way to look at what we can achieve in terms of real strength, stamina, speed and agility using our bodies to move in an adaptive way like the animals. When I talk about human exercises I'm talking like toe touches, lunges, push-ups and Jogging; two of these are very good no doubt but mostly everything else gets boring fast in a lot of cases. Once you have mastered a typical "Human Movement" where's the challenge after that? I'm not referring to training like MovNat or the Ido Portal Method, these are incredible forms of movement that expands the human anatomy in how we find ways to move in the most basic to advanced levels of that formality but yet Animal Movements are a different breed of training and that one should practice from time to time because you're moving in awkward positions and forming patterns of movement you can't fit in weighlifting or the machine crap. You're opening up the possibilities of finding ways to move that is more natural, vastly strengthening the tendons and organs and adding tons of Human Growth Hormone without drugs or injections. Think about that; being able to increase testosterone to fight off fat and build lean and powerful muscle, super strong tendons that are like Iron Cords and a Core that is so insanely powerful it can help you be less-prone to injury.


    I love moving weights (or odd objects better yet) from time to time when I feel the need to but because of the knowledge and exercise wisdom I have developed and participated in, I've kept up my strength and fitness using methods based on realistic movements and Animalized Training. I can still pick up hundreds of pounds, curl in the 70 pound range and even Row up to a 150 lbs. Dumbbell with no straps or belts or anything. When you can add in Animalized Movements into your routine or by themselves you can develop strength in areas most methods won't even touch because it is that unique and it is that damn powerful. I have learned how to adapt in how I train. It took me a long time and I still have plenty to learn but when it comes down to it, when you can adapt within other areas and develop a variety that you can be great at; you're developing knowledge most won't achieve because most people are so narrow minded they're forgetting what can be truly useful in how their potential can climb.


    I've said this before; we all have an inner animal within us because we have those instincts that is within our blood, that fight or flight mechanism which makes us part of the animal world in a different light. Due to the lack of what society has going on right now, it's more important now to stay as fit as possible in the long-term to help fight off disease, have a good metabolism, make better food choices not diets (the word die is already killing the word, pun intended) and build a solid base on how to stay fit with less to no injuries, stronger bones and a developed immune system. We are lacking in all these things today yet we have more resources than we know what to do with. Bring out your inner Animality and bring forth your right as a living Animal (a good portion of animals share the same blood color) to reach potential levels that the average man/woman can't even comprehend and have that advantage that will rise even among your offspring because strong children mentally and physically help create a better world.
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