Friday, January 30, 2015

Smart Training

    There's a fine line between being smart about your training and being a complete dumbass and not knowing what the hell you're doing. Granted some people just can't understand the concept of how idiotic certain things are till it's too late. A lot of people these days are looking for the coolest trend, it peaks their interest and want to see what it's like because hey everyone else is doing it right, why not you? Truth is those fads are geared for those type of people; gullible, not too bright and willing to jump in with both feet without looking at things from under the surface or another perspective. I've been there I've tried the bodybuilding gig and taking protein shakes and trained so damn hard I was ready to pass out (I'm not actually joking about that). It's easy to see something new, exciting and something you feel you want to fit into and I can't blame yeah, some of these fitness fads look incredible and the promises are unbelievable but in the end, it's money stealing and 95% of these fads will just fade away quicker than a calorie burn on a treadmill.


    What most need to realize is that in order to even get the results you want, its not always the program that's the problem, it's the understanding of your own body. The body is capable of great things and we sometimes take for granted the way our bodies repair themselves and grow both the inside and outside but none of us are invincible. There is a limit to what our body can withstand but that threshold isn't the same with everyone, some can handle things far greater than others. To get the very best out of your training is to learn your body's capabilities and learn when to stop and when to keep going. Some of these workouts like those crazy Crossfit WOD types are insane and they expect some chick or dude who is a beginner to do that advanced workout that even Superman would say "uh uh." Not saying Crossfit isn't bad but it does have its cons like everything else and in more ways than one. I believe in finding what the body is capable of but to a certain degree; I want to able to train everyday even if it's just a qi gong workout to build that internal power but if I can't even move a single inch of my body there's something wrong there.


    There are three types of people in fitness; one is the guy/girl who is smart about what they do and understands when to push and when to back off, the second is that person who believes in pushing to the limit practically every workout and would rather die getting that last rep even if his form is way off and the third is that poor gullible shmuck who doesn't know their ass from their elbow and chases after fads like a woman who's a shopaholic (sorry ladies) and just puts themselves in harm's way without even taking the time to go through the techniques and what could be useful. It is a challenge we all face and I go through phases where I'm particularly interested in a certain program but if it's new to me completely, I test out the waters and find out if my body has the greenlight to do some tough stuff and more so if they actually have any interest to me afterwards. I have pushed myself to limits that would make most people cringe and have seen great friends push themselves so hard it took them awhile to get back to the frontlines. I'm a firm believer in pushing to see what you're capable of but only do it when the time is right and you're 100% ready because if you're not you're going to suffer some consequences.


    To make the right choices in your training is by experimenting and if something doesn't feel right regardless of what the workout says, it's best you don't so it. If it something you're interested in and it helps you plus you're happy and you're not fighting it that's what you ought to get good at and utilize it within another program that perks you up. Mix it up, make a game out of it, use your brain and don't always listen to what some dumb trainer told you to do, do it because you love it. I've seen some awful trainers in my time but the best ones I know of helps you find that passion, the type of training that excites you regardless of what you're feeling and they will push you but they also know what buttons to push. Don't be a shmuck who's a sucker for every fad that came his way; be that person who trains with passion, willing to push when you need to and smile about it not frown and bitch because bitching just makes things worse. I get it sometimes we can't be giddy all the time when we train because I'm certainly not the type of guy who jumps for joy like a little school boy who saw the coolest candy in the candy store at every workout, I have days where I just want my workout to be over with and let it go the rest of the day but at the same time even in that state at times I know I'm making things happen for myself because it's my passion and practically my birthright for doing this so even on the bad days, it's still awesome in the end. Do what works for you and celebrate your accomplishments and your challenges, find what you love and let it be the driving force for anything that comes into your life. Be awesome.

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