Friday, January 23, 2015

Why In A Rush?

    The magic pill, 6 minute abs, fat to fab in 6 weeks or less, circuits to beat the clock and a very personal favorite of mine; train like the movie stars you see in your favorite trash magazine. In today's society with things constantly changing, people want their quick fixes and if they don't come out right they bitch and moan plus blaming others for their faults. We have become a move it or lose it type people and the latest fads make "promises" of making you look like a greek god or goddess in under a month even if you weigh 300 lbs. and are under 6' tall. It's heart breaking and at the same time pathetic that these money scamming pricks who charge an arm and a leg just so you can have the perfect body here and now as if it was even remotely possible. Hate to break it to you my friend, it's bullshit and it's always been bullshit. Sure some people have a gift of putting on muscle quicker than others or in a lot of cases take drugs and other "supplements" to heighten up the process. There is no such thing as a quick fix or a magic pill that will help you build instantaneous muscle that is remotely healthy or logical.


    Why are in such a rush? You excited about what you're going to do and get, are you just beating your body to death just to lose a single pound and are you really going to tackle a workout you're clearly not ready for just to see if you can beat the clock? People want results NOW!!! They don't give a damn about what they do as long as you look like something Michelangelo cut out of stone; don't need to worry about having healthy bones, they'll just break and heal, maybe pop a few tendons and dislocate a few joints all for the sake of having a powerful looking physique. In a way I feel sorry for these people it's sad and gives others who want results and are willing to keep going in a safe manner a bad name. It's like a little 4 year old who wants a piece of candy and if he/she can't have it they throw a tantrum and scream and cry as if somebody was just murdered. Don't believe me, it happens with some people I've seen it first hand and I just have no sympathy for the poor bastard. Results are earned and they must be respected otherwise it will backfire on you and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.


    It took me nearly ten years after my accident to do squats and leg flexibility exercises efficiently and with control, for a number of years, I fell, barely balanced on a few things, had trouble standing up for even a few minutes, be able to stretch beyond my toes and never once felt like giving up because if I did, it would've been too easy and I wasn't going to let myself go after coming this far. I pushed through, sweated, was even in a great amount of pain at first because I just started learning to walk again. What's the point to all this; the point is results come when you have earned them and just you didn't make a goal or two and you didn't get what you wanted right away doesn't mean you should quit. You need to be patient, believe in yourself and take responsibility for what you do, if you screw up, it wasn't the trainers fault or the program you did didn't work; you weren't ready and your results became what they were meant to be. Whether it takes you ten years, 10 months or 10 hours, results will come when the universe tells you you're ready to have them. I have busted my ass for years doing plenty of ab work and no six pack but I have built a strong core that can take a beating far better than the guy who does have a six pack. I not only earned what I have, I have tremendous gratitude for it and continue to get better not just in having strong abs but great flexibility, upper body strength that is just crazy and have kick ass speed for my size to swim fast, sprint like a madman and a lower body that is strong, durable and agile. When you earn your results, you'll have a greater appreciation for what you have accomplished.


    Challenging yourself is a great thing but sometimes pushing too hard can lead to a lot of problems. I have blacked out from running when I was in high school, I nearly passed out at the gym from dizziness and over exhausting my body and believe it or not I have been hurt to the point where I needed to rehab. There were times where I couldn't get out of bed because every single shred of my joints hurt and I could barely move a few inches without being in great pain; want to know the kicker, I wasn't even 21 yet when all of that happened. Be safe when you go after something, don't sacrifice form just for a quantity amount of reps or sets. Understand how your body works, think outside the box and do the best you can to not get injured or worse end up dead, yeah you read that right people have died from pushing themselves too hard. Don't rush your workout, be efficient, resourceful and use some common sense for Christ's sake. When you challenge yourself, do so by adding a little more than what you normally do, not a freaking ton trust me it's not fun. Challenge yourself by the smallest fraction because little by little when you have made a killing in your obstacles you're building a bigger picture. A passionate painter doesn't take huge chunks of color and slabs it on otherwise it's not going to come out right, he has to take his time, see the picture in his mind as he paints and little by little puts his colors where he wants them to be, he's efficient, cunning and patient. Be like a painter, form your colors to see your masterpiece even by the smallest swift of the brush and when you're done, you have an artistic beauty come to life.


Here's a little Philosophical Fitness for you on setting goals:


When people set certain goals, some are pretty huge, some are doable, even some are very illogical and just so wrong but yet they're goals nonetheless. There comes a point in time when the goal is either in reach, doesn't have a chance in hell of making it or you become so obsessed that come hell or high water it's going to commence with sheer will power and a driving spirit. The reality is no matter how far or close you are even by the smallest fraction, you are making progress one way or another and when progressively increasing that fraction you are still better than when you started. People need to face facts that not everything will happen the way they planned it, however, you do get better despite failing and when success hits, you not only become stronger, you become wiser. Failure is apart of life but there's always two sides to every coin, when failure is evident, success is right on the other side waiting for you.


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