Monday, January 26, 2015

The 1000 Rep Barrier

    Yesterday, I went out with my 26 pound Sledgehammer and a tire. It was in the mid 40's weather wise but I didn't care, I was determined to make my mark. After all the sweat, the heavy breathing, numbers running through my head and the physical torture I put myself through I hit 1000 reps hitting that tire. To calculate 26x1000=26,000; that's the amount of weight I lifted total, that's 13 tons of pure, hard and super powerful steel in my grasp. This was my fourth 1000 rep triumph in the near decade since my leg accident. The other two were 1050 Hindu Squats/Jumpers, 1000+ reps using a deck of cards and 1000 Arm Wrestling Pulls. Doing 1000 reps of anything is pretty awesome and a great goal to shoot for. It goes beyond logic when it comes to specific exercises and it puts you in the realm of an elite group. It really is a cool number to achieve.


    Now does doing 1000 reps require only one exercise? No it doesn't, you can 2 exercises at 500 reps per one or 3 exercises at a 500/300/200 scheme or whatever you want it to be. It is achievable but it takes more mental than physical and your heart and mind need to be on the same page otherwise it won't happen the way you want it. Some people do 500 Push-ups, 400 Squats and 100 pull-ups in a workout that can be done once you're in a high level of conditioning. It doesn't even need to be done all in one workout, it can be spread out throughout the day until you've hit that mark. However, if you do it with a single exercise like I have done and others that is some serious work and mental strength to go after. I did mine in sets between 20-100 reps at a time and when I needed a breather I took it, it takes a lot out of you and you need to conserve your oxygen. This is not an everyday thing, this is in the realm of three times a week at best and that's if you're at an advanced level. Also it takes knowing your body and intuitively knowing when to go at it and when to take a break or stop.


    Like I've said before doing 1000 reps of exercise can have magic wonders happen; increased testosterone, strengthened tendons, muscle coming out of nowhere and a level of endurance that is off the charts. A friend of mine told me magic things happen when you hit 1000 reps and I understand what he meant. Think about it, doing 1000 reps of say like push-ups or squats is quite a feat of endurance but also comes with insane strength as well because after a while when you become a little sore it's tough to keep moving and the strength you need to get up is much more utilized. You are in a level of conditioning not many people have achieved and could never understand. It's beyond physical at this point and like I said it's not an everyday thing unless you're superman or someone with an insane amount of endurance and can recover well. After doing this many reps in a short or certain period of time, you're going to need recovery and letting your body repair itself but that doesn't mean you shouldn't stop training, stretch, hold certain positions, do Yoga but not anything too hardcore otherwise you can injure yourself or burn out from too much training and over exhausting the body's nervous system. However, when you do this every once in a while, like I said magic happens; fat burning at a rapid rate, increased muscle mass from specific exercise using heavy weight and incredible stamina along with crazy strength.


    You can make the 1000 rep barrier all you want, one of my favorites is taking a deck of cards and going through the deck, I have used both a hammer and done push-ups/squats. Make it interesting and creative for you so you don't always have that dread of thought most people get. A friend once said "it never gets easier" which is true but it can be more interesting; change the speed, rep count, do less sets, go slow; there are so many different ways to do 1000 reps. As I may have mentioned this is an advanced level of training that is not for the couch potatoes or the lazy weekend warriors; it takes guts, heart, mental power, physical progression and a great deal of focus I'm not going to lie it is tough and you will be hungry as hell; I went through 2 huge plate fulls of Panda Express eating noodles, veggies, rice, chicken and beef just to feed my body enough after all that training. You will need to fuel your body and a protein shake isn't going to cut it, you will need to eat to fuel up because unless you're fasting that day eating is mandatory but don't be eating mcdonalds or burger king or any of that crap (Panda Express does have some very healthy options and have eaten there many times and do not have an extremely large gut) so pack it on and eat the way you're meant to. None of that eat a small salad or Vi Shake afterwards when it comes to this kind of workout you'll need fuel. Eat veggies, fruits, lean meats and a good amount of carbs and fats because they supply tremendous energy needed. If you drink milk, I suggest Raw Milk over the Pasturized stuff or Almond Milk for those that are Lactose Intolerant. Have it and be prepared to sweat, breathe hard and burn off fat like a freaking furnace.

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