Thursday, January 22, 2015

Bodyweight Training: Is It Really Free?

    There are many pros and cons about certain aspects of bodyweight training and it has a mix of critics and praises alike. There are many ways to utilize only your body to the point where weight training won't be a factor for you anymore but like me and others I like a combination of the two but not always applied to barbells and dumbbells. You can learn Hand Balancing, move like a wild animal, do all kinds of push-ups, squats, pull-ups, stretches, rope climbing, jumping, sprinting but the main factor is with all this variety, is it really free?


    There are certain programs based on bodyweight training that costs plenty of dough but the irony is it's no equipment required so why pay for a certain course? Some people charge way too much for certain programs but at the same time, some of these are far too difficult for the average person and I can understand why. I do realize some guys are only out for the money and rather make some huge marketing rip off than to actually teach and value a person's reason to get their course in the first place. There are cheap courses out there if you can find them but for people like me, I go for quality and not always some cheap knock off just so some moron with a narcissistic complexity can cash in my money. However, there are things that people may not know about the very exercises they're learning and some seminars based on Bodyweight Programs help put in extra knowledge to get an edge on what can bring results a little quicker just by teaching a few adjustments and showing others how to broaden their horizon and take on certain secrets that others may not know. Nothing is new under the sun we all know that and everyone does certain of the same things just in a different format but it helps finding what is possible that brings us to a new level of mental aspirations for what we already simply do. So when you see certain programs that cost a boat load or less than a few bucks, look into the other side instead of what's written on screen.


    There is no right or wrong program, people have different needs, different body types and no program is a one size fits all. In order to find the right program, you can't just go out and buy a shit load of courses and just happen to pick one, you have to find out what you're interested in, what strikes you so deep you feel you need to experiment. I have many books and DVDs on various courses but I don't go out and buy every single course out there otherwise I'd be broke. I look for what can applied for me and what benefits my body. I don't care what scientists say what works or what doesn't, I don't always follow others advice from what I already have but the reason they appeal to me is because I look for courses that are different, meaningful and teaches me not to just exercise but help find the creativity and brighten my passion. So, as far as experimentation goes, do what appeals to you and work on a system of your own design from the people you have learned from because following every course down to the letter isn't always going to cut it, you have to find your own path and practice the exercises YOU want to learn until they become a second language and becomes a reflex like memory.


    So is Bodyweight Training really free? It's both yes and no for many reasons but I'll give you the simple rundown of each one…..


Yes- Because you can do your exercise anywhere you want and use it however you want. They're a time saver, doesn't cost you a membership or gas to get to the gym and you can set the pace for what works for you in your own home without the distractions and obnoxious sweaty people.
No- Because there are certain ways to help you advance along but to get the biggest benefit of this, you're going to need to add more to your collection, go to seminars, possibly throw down money for a trainer that actually knows his shit and doesn't hide anything or use online training.


    If you don't choose to add on anything (its worth the investment) that's ok, being simple and basic is a great way to go about it and you're still doing something. However if you're like me, you want to absorb as much as knowledge on it as you can and might need to save a few bucks here and there but in the end, it's an investment in your health more than anything else. Most rather buy booze, cigarettes, drugs and useless things to put up on their wall in their house yet you are doing something they can't do and you have something they'll never achieve so who's the smarter person here. While someone is drunk off their ass and having a hangover, I'm doing bridges and getting high off the euphoria from holding a position for three minutes; that person who smokes and treats exercise like it's something to pass the time to me is pathetic when they can save all that money and not only save their lungs but put it to better use by getting real food and actually giving a damn about their body. The person who would rather shoot up and get stoned out of their mind can do far better and learn a few things that doesn't involve fear from cops or cost you an arm and leg to get naturally high from the endorphins and ideal less depressive options and doesn't require getting a "quick fix." What about that crap people buy off infomercials and never use them because it doesn't go well with the house and stuff into a closet or under their bed and forget about it, what a waste a money man when you can do cardio based exercises in your living room without a single piece of equipment or get a pull-up bar that you don't have to drill holes into or a set of gymnastic rings that will take down the strongest of men and has far more value than a 500 lbs. piece of crap treadmill. Make your training count and use your body as the ultimate weapon, when you can apply that, adding weights is just part of the package deal.






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