Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Get It Right In The Hole

    I was never really that big of a fan of Golf unless it was on a video game or watching movies like Tin Cup, Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack. I barely think it's a sport but yet in a way I admire Golfers for their key eye on how to go for the right shots and those unexpected putts in the hole from 100 ft is pretty awesome. It takes much more than hitting a ball with a messed up looking stick and knocking it in a Gopher hole. Your eye sight needs to be sharp, timing your swing is a key and regardless of power you need a rhythm in speed and technique. Sure some guys can knock a ball 300 yards or more but how many can accurately secure a ball on the green from say 75 yards and have it be less than 20ft from the hole, that's some serious Golf right there.


    Now beyond the swing, you don't need to grip the club that hard and you don't need to hit it so hard you pull a muscle, you can have a great swing with a solid grip that is stable but not crushing. There's not a whole lot of strength in it once you get the hang of it. Flexibility is a factor and the ability to breathe. Some of those guys pull muscles not from straining their swing but because they're holding their breath and yet lose their power. Think of it this way, you're an avid Golfer; what if you can jump up your game just by your thoughts along with your practice? The mental part of the game is even more essential than the physical and knowing the ability on how to use your mind within your own realm of imagination. Also your breath is your power more than your muscles, when you know how to breathe and have that pattern in your swing, you can generate more power without needing to tense up.


    Picture yourself in your own little Movie Theater, you have your own seat in the press box or wherever you choose to sit, no one is around and the only thing that is going on is you watching a movie. Breathe a little deeper and sink into your private film as you watch yourself hit the ball further with that perfect swing, feel the air in your body as the wind runs through the course, it's the perfect weather and it's just you, your clubs and the hole you're shooting into. Picture walking up to the ball with ease, feel the grass in your feet, see it as if your shoe padding felt like the grass you are walking on. You take out your next club and you intuitively know it's the right club. You make another perfect swing, you breathe into the club as you go up and come back and hit the ball, it goes another 60 yards or so, you're getting closer, feel your heart riddled with joy and feeling happy. Everything is quiet, feel that warm weather, the sensation of power in your hands as you grip the club, you zoom in on the flag, zoom out and get ready for your shot, you are confident, you have incredible control of the ball and it goes where you tell it to go. As the ball is heading to the flag you know right there it's going to land just mere feet away and your winning shot is in your grasp. You get to the top of the putting green, your shot is just a couple feet away but you want to savor the moment, take in that deep breath of fresh, crisp air and as you take out your putter, you are not only going to win this match but you made it ahead to where the other golfers can't keep up. The shot is yours, bring that putter back breathing into the pull back and as you come forward in your swing, it becomes a magnet for when it hits the ball that magnetic field puts it right in the hole. You are the champion, the big winning check is yours and you earned every penny of it. Picture this often and see what happens in your game.


    When you take that long driver and you want to put that ball so far out, the blast of the club to the ball is so loud it carries over to the next course. That is power my friend, make that club crack with super accuracy and majestic strength, your fellow golfers will think you're on steroids. The sound of lightning striking, thundering power into the ball with effortless aim and sending that ball into the stratosphere as you send it home while having it go for the ride its life. This is beyond the game, it is your game and you have the power to become a champion.
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