Thursday, January 8, 2015

Taking It To Your Limit

    We as a society like to compare ourselves to other people and most of the time it's people that are not that important in your life in the first place, unless you make it out to be. You're a strongman comparing yourself to other strongmen or you're minor league ball player comparing yourself to a major leaguer or a person someone who compares her/himself to the most fit person in the gym. This is just an example of what is wrong with many parts of the world. Just because you don't have much money or have great skills or have magnetic charisma as another person doesn't mean you should feel less about yourself. We as humans bleed the same blood, have the same organs that keep us alive, we have a brain attached to an electric cord in the spine to help us function physically; so who cares who has a billion dollars or has the genetics to be a perfectly build person, you're still within your right to become the very best you were meant to be, not to be better than others and brag/praise about it but to be better than yourself each and everyday.


    When you go so far in your training or a workout hell even in business transaction, your body can only take so much yet you can find a way to push even further. Go as far as you're willing to go as needed. There's a major difference between competing against yourself and competing against another person; the second one is way easier because you're pushing to be better than them but competing against yourself is a whole other sport, it's challenging and one of the most difficult tests in life. If all you do is chase after being better than someone else you're wasting your time because there's over 7 billion people in the world so don't make the mistake trying to outdo from one to the next otherwise you'll be losing far more than winning and that is the mark of a person who'd rather face others than themselves. Go as far as you need to and make the choice to get better each time even by the smallest fraction because when you face off against yourself, you're taking on the single most important of life and that's the will to let go and just be.


    The true importance of achieving your personal best is to learn who you are, what you're up against and find a way to break through that wall. Most don't ever achieve this because they have something holding them back everytime and it's not really an external source it's very much internal. Many battle themselves to the point where they don't realize even one small minor detail can make a huge impact and sort out issues that have been locked up. When you push to your limits, it doesn't become physical anymore, that's the easy part; it's the really hard forms of the mind and spirit that end in defeat. You won't win everytime because like everyone else, you're not perfect but if you truly understand it, you can become the smallest fraction of a fraction of people who can accept their faults, defeats and losses. You have more power and drive in you than you will ever believe because that's the mark of a human being and it's our responsibility to not only learn the teachings but to embrace what's been put in front of us. I have taken myself to limits I can't talk about because there have been things in my life that should never have happened let alone occur especially when I was younger but the universe has a funny way of taking those things and molding them into something greater and much more complex. As far as I'm concerned whatever good, bad and ugly things that happened to me physically, mentally and emotionally; I'm the happiest I've ever been at this very moment because I'm alive and feeling incredible; I give gratitude for what I have and I'm thankful for many things even those for which nobody can understand, not even my own flesh and blood.


    You have no reason to not challenge yourself, it's a part of life and the challenges you and I face will come in time an when they do, action will be taken one way or another but we have a choice on how we face and nobody faces a challenge the same exact way because we are different, the way we go through life is different but in similarity we face challenges that test us in ways only one individual at a time can do. Make no mistake about it, you will be taken to the limit and there will come a time where you will lose and it could break you but how you choose to accept it and overcome it is up to you. Nor me, your family or the people in your life good or bad know the true nature of your challenges and what limits that will be seen because only you truly face them and it's up to you to push back and finally see what your real strength and power is.
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