Friday, January 9, 2015

Make Your Move

    What are your favorite methods of training? Are they part of gymnastics, powerlifting, aerobic, endurance training, bodyweight, and/or bodybuilding? Who knows, I don't know you and I'm not at liberty to guess your goals or what you're looking for in your journey. However; there are certain things people practice and most of the time just go through the motions, not think about it too much, listen to what the "experts" say in a magazine or the latest fad in the fitness industry and just think they know that's what they'll like because someone else said so. The truth is; if you truly want to find what works for you, you won't just be going through the motions, you're not going to listen to some babble bullshit about the scientific way to do things or what's the latest research, it becomes a passion, a second language that attracts you to becoming physically/mentally/emotionally and spiritually better than what you had previously attempted before. In order to make your move, you must leave the psychobabble behind and understand the concept of your method and your being joined as if it was one big thing and nothing else.


    Let me ask you this, do you follow in someone else's footsteps or do you develop your own path? I can understand someone wanting to be their idol, someone they cherish and look up to, to do things like they did but I can't for the life of me understand why people don't follow their own path and become better than themselves. The truth is, following your own path is one of life's toughest challenges because it's not normal to be your own man/woman and to cut off what people brought you up to be and be more like them. It's easy to follow someone else because they are not like you, their larger than life and have made an impact on you. Yet when you follow your own path, you will find that as tough as it is, it's extremely rewarding in ways you can't imagine. You get to choose where you want to go, experiment with what works for you and what doesn't, learning what makes you focused on what you want and not having to resist because let's face it, if you're resisting and you struggle too much and you're not getting anywhere there's that sign that you need to make a priority change. I had to learn a few things growing up because I didn't just live in a house with divorced parents, I went to a daycare everyday and being around a family that wasn't my own which in time became more than family, they were my livelihood and it feels like to this day just being with my family. I wasn't the strongest, the fastest or the most popular kid around but I have managed to do things that not only pissed people off but made them think twice of what I'm capable of doing and doing it that not only made me different and unique but also teach them that I'm not going to be in someone else's shadow, I've got my own and it's mind until the day I day.


    When something comes natural to you, you don't resist, you are in the zone and the more you learn it, it becomes something greater than you ever hoped it to be. I'm never going to say I'm a great writer or have more strength than anyone and I will definitely never say I'm the best at the exercises I do but yet writing comes natural to me because it pulls me in with this universal energy that I can't explain, for the first few years of my life it was practically written that my destiny was to never have real world strength or even be able to do things at an educational level of more than a 5th grader and the exercises I do, not only have become a second language but have taught me things they never teach you in school or in a book or a video you watch in class. Your natural abilities aren't always from practice even though practice plays a great role, it's really what your mind is set at, how your body responds to certain things and has hit you from you're an emotional standpoint. I loved basketball and was ok for a kid but it didn't come natural to me and my heart never really was into it the way others believed it to be, when I wrote or did an exercise that felt right to me it was like I can say something without ever opening my mouth and those who knew it knew exactly what I wanted to say. It's like playing your favorite instrument, it's not just something you play to dazzle or hit a great note or do a series of notes together, it becomes another voice and when you have something to say you do it from that part of you.


    To really know what the best method of training is to not only experiment and practice it, it doesn't just become natural to you and you can show off the moves and have the best damn time of your life whether it's a tough workout or an easy one, it helps you live your journey through your passion and unbelievable spirit. It consumes your life that brings a gift of love and working towards something you just want to tackle over. It inspires you to do things outside of it to become a better person. Not many people realize this and it's a damn shame because a lot of people use exercise as a getaway or a meal ticket to win something like a girl/boy or a competition or just the value of looking like a greek god and nothing else. I'm not putting down bodybuilding or wanting to look better but what I'm saying is that if you want the best out of what you do, you have to go deeper than what's already on the surface otherwise you're just doing something meaningless. So hey, make your move, get stronger, get fitter, get more conditioned, bust your ass and do the very best you can do but at the same time, let it have meaning that is yours and not what somebody else wants it to be or force you to feel what is true to you and you alone.
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